Why turning Cena heel would ruin the company.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by FailFaceFTW, Jul 1, 2012.

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  1. As you all know, John Cena has been receiving a negative reaction after CM Punk's acclaimed "Best Shoot in Years". And most of these people that are giving the negative reaction want Cena to turn heel. Well first off, most of these people are blaming Cena for his personality. He can do nothing, repeat NOTHING about this. I don't like Cena, but I hate when people blame him for something he cannot fix. Back on topic, turning Cena heel would drive away about 50% to 88% of pre-adolescent audience members. This would cause a drop in merchandise sales, which in turn would ruin the companies finances. So you can take it from there.
  2. Pretty much true. Which is why they are trying to find someone to replace him as the face of the company for the kids (Sheamus, yawn) because that's the only way he will ever turn heel. It also might not mean much because he already gets massive amounts of boos and a great heel only works if he has great faces to go up against. There's not a whole lot of people I'd like to see a heel Cena go up against. CM Punk? Seen it, and will probably be seeing it again soon. Sheamus? Yawn. A babyface Miz? Yawn.
  3. The first part is correct, I also hate people hating on Cena for things that aren't his fault. I'm all for hating on his character though, it's pathetic. As for the second part, I'm not sure how you could calculate a percentage of business loss on a hypothetical situation without the statistics/earnings/sales figures etc all in your hand.

    All I know is they've turned big big money makers in the past heel like Hogan, Rock and even Austin and none of those really had a negative impact on the business. Austin's was a fail since no one wanted to boo him.
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  4. I think him turning heel would be entertaining and would bring in some good money. His character is already hypocritical honestly, so I doubt it would change anything.
  5. Cena can be a really good heel, and with his star power he can really get over a new babyface who can be the next big star for the company. And with adult ratings dropping, his character being intolerable, and the roster a mess, I honestly think it would be great for business right now, even if it's short-lived.
  6. Agreed with Crayo. People are hating on him for nothing. The man is just doing the thing he wants and loves, nothing wrong with that.
  7. It's true, they'd probably lose some merch and such. I don't blame him for being like this, but his character is stale and boring. I think they need to find a substitute, and then they'll be able to turn him. I'd like to see them trying though, just to see how it would turn out. Plus, we'd be rid of the stale, boring superman top babyface that beats everything and everyone.
  8. You think Cena getting negative reactions started last summer?
  9. This. Cena may draw some eyeballs to the product, but watching a guy win over and over in the same boring way won't help you sustain those viewers, that's for sure.

    I wish Cena had a ring name, you may not like the Kane character, but you have to respect Glen Jacobs. Same goes for Cena.
  10. Hating on Cenas personality is true but the way I see it is keeping Cena face will only continue to damage the product. Merch sales are only a small percentage of WWE's income so I will ignore that for the most part.

    Thing is, contrary to what Cena said last Monday, most who watch RAW and SD aren't kids around the age of 9. The Nielsen ratings (A scientifically proven method) state that up towards 80% of WWE's audience are men from the ages of 14 and up. And having your main face cater solely to kids will only drive them away, especially if you take every character that they like (see Summer of Punk era Punk) and turn him into a carbon copy of Cena. That will only continue to drive them off since the product becomes more and more boring as time goes on despite all shining pieces of gold that can be found in it. Our live discussion threads are proof that.

    Also turning a top face heel is the perfect way to shake up the ground work and make that product interesting again. Turning Cena heel would most likely give the same or similar effect to the Hogan heel turn back in WCW. And then pitting Cena with a younger new face creates a new hero for the children to cherish that will hopefully bring something new to the table.

    WWE has nothing to loose on turning Cena heel if they only worry about merchandise, Punk, Bryan, Ziggler, Ryder and Sheamus pull enough merch of the shelfs and with Mysterios coming return and Sin Caras recent one they have enough cash cows to turn one heel. Add to the fact that Cena turning heel would most likely increase ratings as well since kids will tune in to see who will stand up to their traitorous former role model and adults and older kids will tune in to see what Cena will be up to next, being reminded of his run as the Dr of Thuganomics. Add to the fact that Cena wants to turn heel it would also reignite his passion with the business and as I can see the positives far outweigh the negatives.
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  11. Cena is in a position that he doesn't have to do as he's told. He doesn't have to go out and cut those jokes, as long as he gets the point of his promo across, John can easily do what SCSA did: Take the script for the promo, roll it up and chuck it in the bin. He doesn't have to follow word for word like 99% of others in the company. I mean, Vince is never going to fire him, nor would he replace him as the face of the company. It would be idiotic to do so.
  12. Cena has no fault.Remember when he was booed heavily just before rock vs cena match at WM 28.Cena's a great guy but I don,t thing that Cena would turn heel anytime soon that's because he doesn't fit in the list of heels
  13. I think that if Cena became a heel he *could* be one of the most hated heel in recent history. The only thing that it will hurt is the partnership WWE has with Make a Wish..since Cena does the majority of the wishes for the WWE but as a heel he would not be requested as much.
  14. he already gets booed by the majority of the audience. every match you hear
    lets go cena CENA SUCKS
    mitb last year was awesome when everybody hated him
    same with wm28 and one night stand vs rvd
    yes he will lose merch sales but buy rates would increase
    his promos could be way better and he would draw heat from every single person considering all us smarks hate him already
  15. To be fair though, everybody that wasn't helping ECW got booed like crazy, so this was more of "GO ECW, FUCK WWE" then "FUCK CENA, CENA SUCKS".
  16. still... it was awesome
    any match that boos cena heaps is a match i agree with
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