News Why Vince Isn't In The Hall Of Fame

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Jul 4, 2013.

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  2. He will have to die then..
  3. "You'll put me in when I am bloody dead damnit! And I want it to be my burial ceremony!"
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  4. Vince not Wanting a HOF spot..... Put him in once he retires/dies....
  5. He inducted himself in the HOF in my SvR 08 game. :dawg:Nah but I'm sure he'll be inducted once he officially turns the company over to HHH or whoever else.
  6. He's probably ashamed/embarrassed of his own HOF, lol. Can't say I blame him :cole:
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  7. Seems like he wants to go in when he dies.
  8. I guess he wants to save that big moment for when he's dead...
  9. When he retires/dies. Vince hates people bragging on him, so I could see him maybe not wanting to give a big speech at a HOF ceremony. I can envision him wanting to be the big induction only when he passes away.
  10. I can see the hall of fame when Vince dies being this big luscious funeral ceremony. Burning Vince on a pyre built of main eventer merchandise.
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  11. He hasn't done it yet because Stone Cold hasn't agreed to interrupt his speech and douse him with beer
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  12. Vince is bigger than the HOF.
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  13. This. I assume it will happen when HHH takes over/he dies, whichever comes first. And that year you can pretty much plan on cutting the HoF inductees to 2 max.
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