Why Was Miz WWE Champion For 6 Months?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Roadster, Feb 16, 2014.

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    It might have been 7 seven months, but why did WWE give him the belt? was it an experiment? i wonder this ever so often and think was WWE trying to kill themselves.

    After a while i started to think about what was happening in WWE at the time in late 2010. Well, i remembered Linda F'N McMahon was spending over 10 Million dollars on a senate campaign that she lost and her opponents aired footage of Vince McMahon forcing Trish Stratus to strip and bark like a dog. Also showing footage of the huge guys that were the main guys (Cena included) plus bringing back Benoit to the story.

    When news broke that Randy Orton had broken the wellness policy many times and was known for steroids WWE took what the opponents said to heart. Launching the "Stand Up For WWE" campaign which encouraged fans to defend WWE from false criticisms which also wasted a couple $10,000 of ads on Nick (which i still watch) When that happened they needed someone to take the belt nearly immediately, Cena is another feud and is huge, and they must have gone to the whole roster of stars and chose the one guy that had the "kayfabe" opportunity to get the belt anywhere and any time. That's how I think it happened.
  2. I actually quite enjoyed Miz as WWE Champion.

    I am a fan of the Miz so to see him win it was great. However, that feud with Jerry Lawler was horrific.
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  3. good as a heel, to media washed as a face but that feud was just.....to bad for words
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  4. From headlining Wrestlemania as WWE champ and defeating Cena to undercard feuds with the likes of FAAAAAAN-DAAAAAAN-GOOO and Kofi :damn:

    As to why I have no explanation other than what you suggested sir, Randy's wellness policy failures meant he needed to drop the title, Miz was Mr money in the bank so why not let him take it?
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  5. I enjoyed his title run particularly because I've been a Miz fan since his debut (Up until his face run) and I thought it was pretty solid. Didn't give too many great matches but his mic work was great and I never minded seeing him on RAW.
  6. Loved his title reign.
  7. i disliked it when it started but slowly i enjoyed it, but i wonder why they even did it.
  8. He had momentum at the time and was good at drawing heat and since they needed new stars (wait, they still do), they put the belt on him to see how well he'd do. As a heel, I find him pretty good and he was quite a good arrogant/smarmy/cowardly heel champion at the time imo. Hopefully he returns to his heel roots sooner than later.
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  9. Hardest working man in the WWE at the time not named Cena. Had momentum, most over heel at the time arguably. Why not put it on him? He was booked as his type of champion is supposed to be booked.
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  10. I agree with this.

    You can see he evidently works his socks off for the company and I think that at the time he deserved the Title.
  11. Because WWE wanted me to have that break from watching them, I was only watching like one raw a month when he was champ.
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  12. He was a pretty decent heel Champ for what his character was at the time.

    As for him returning to being a heel, they teased a heel turn for him fairly recently. I hope that's a harbinger of where he goes from here.

  13. B/c wwe were retard and let miz be wwe champion and then let him of all thing main event wm27!
  14. Beacause Miz is AWEEESOMEEEE!
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  15. i never understood why they put so much fate into Miz, and not Bryan, Punk, Ziggler among others
  16. because he's the miz, and he's Aweeeesome
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  18. At least he isn't a quitter :true:
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  19. HAY DON'T U GO THERE! :angry:
  20. Sorry :-(
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