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  1. I came across an article yesterday which claims that bill goldberg's name was all set to be inducted into the hall of fame because of his outstanding achivements in wcw and wwe . But it was cancelled in the last moment intentionally by some guys who now are the top stars of this company. Moreover, one of those guys was hhh who was at the prime of his career at that time!!I was so heartbroken after hearing this. Now what do you think about this guys



    I alwaya knew that hhh was indeed a su**er
  2. bill goldberg does not deserve a hall of fame spot
    not yet anyways...
    i agree with these "top stars" and hhh
    goldberg should get in line behind more noteworthy superstars
  3. I would say that Goldberg deserves to be in there a lot more than some of the people in there (Koko B. Ware always come to mind as a prime example.) And I'm also sure that when WWE starts to run out of people to induct (since they induct a group of people yearly), they'll eventually turn to Goldberg. But Goldberg has stated that he doesn't care to be in the hall of fame.
  4. I wouldn't say it's already time for him to be inducted. Of course, if he was I wouldn't consider it a bad thing at all, but considering his age and the time span of his success and now, I think we can wait.
  5. Does he even want to be inducted :O
  6. As I stated, no.
  7. =O case closed lol
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