Why was Punk unhappy in 2009/10?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Sooo Kia, Aug 10, 2012.

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  1. I've always known deep down Punk was unhappy this past year or so and I believe some of you sensed the same. However, in his famous speech he gave he mentioned how unhappy he'd been the year and a half prior.

    I'm slightly confused by this (even though I realize Punk himself is a bit melancholy anyways) because he really shined to me in those SES days. I liked this version of him but he seemed to disagree. Does anybody have any insight to this?

    Edit: I realize SES didn't go superbly, but is that a reason to be so gloomy?
  2. I think it most likely comes down to ego. Defend Punk all you want but he has a huge ego no matter how nice or good a person he is. To make it in as a competitive a field as pro wrestling you need to have a ego and be ready to step over people to succeed. He most likely felt that all he did for the company wasn't appreciated enough and he wasn't rewarded in a way he saw fit.

    My take on it all.
  3. I think it was because of the feud he had with Jeff Hardy. It was good but really odd and pointless tbh.
  4. Well, he was treated as a jobber after his feud with Jeff Hardy, no doubt about that. As much as I loved his character, if I recall correctly he lost almost every match he was on.
  5. As cool as the SES stuff was, he never was used right in it. He clearly jobbed most of 2010, and was put on commentary. It was pretty obvious why he was upset, but at the same time his ego saved him in the end. For years in the wwe Id read about the politics and arguments he had with people about his look and such, he refused to change, which at the time really bothered officials.
  6. A big part of his ego is the fact that everybody on the internet is in love with him. You can only have so many people say you're the best so many times before you start believing it's true. I think he wanted to be on top of WWE, and he wasn't in the exact position he wants to be in at first. Patience works out in the long run, and all the work through stuff he may not have been super happy doing led to a great title run.
  7. Rewatch his "shoot" I should imagine most of that rings true.
  8. There was a time in 2010 when he fought with many officials and Tony Atlas over his tapped wrists and look. Which apparently he threw a fit over.
  9. Ses had so much potential and failed. He basically thought he was better than those main eventing -- which he was -- and instead was jobbing to people he shouldn't be jobbing too.
  10. I think it had to do more than that, he has always made negitive comments about the image of wwe.
  11. its not even that why the fuck would you job againts jeff hardy first of all?
  12. Okay, so he wanted to be 'booked' like :bury: , because if I remember correctly :bury: is the only evil character WWE has used to win consistently.
  13. Not sure it's about winning, it's more so being in the spotlight. Instead of midcard jobbing, start actually having main event storylines.
  14. Re: RE: Why was Punk unhappy in 2009/10?

    Jeff made big money for them if I remember rightly.
  15. Because he was super over.
  16. I guess I only remember the good parts. He won the world championship twice and MITB. He made Undertaker tap out (even though he really sorta didn't). I see what Crayo means, but just didn't see the negative points I, suppose. I tried following his during this time, which is why I'm familiar with it.
  17. Extremely good point. One needs to be very grounded and keep both feet off of the ground to not let having large parts of the internet calling you the best go to your head. And judging by that Daniel Bryan must have roots like a redwood. :dawg:
  18. Maybe he believed he wasn't being pushed enough. He probably knew he could be WWE Champion, but they didn't give him a chance at that in those years where he was unhappy.
  19. Didn't you watch his shoot? :jericho:
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