Why was RAW so damned confusing

Discussion in 'RAW' started by DarksideTrin, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. why the sudden changes in matches and storyline this close to the event??

  2. It's SS no build from HIAC only two weeks always gonna be poor
  3. It's WWE....what do you expect really?
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  4. Or as Farooq says its WWE no build on anything worth while.
  5. Well not to say there's no build up, WWE has been building up a nice pile of shit.
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  6. Whoa there has been no build to SS apart from after HIAC which was just over a week ago p.i.s.s take personally too close cuz WWE cant build crap in agood few weeks let alone two!
  7. No idea why HIAC is even a PPV. SS should have had like a 6 week build.
  8. Classic WWE changing plans at the last minute. It's possible that when Vince walked out there to announce the triple threat with Vickie he just had the idea on the spot, screamed for someone to hit his music and made the announcement immediately. :haha:
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  9. :haha: I remember Kevin Nash said that they did that to him plenty of times. WWE needs to get their shit together.
  10. I posted news on it, the team match wouldn't draw, so they changed it to two big draws and a future draw in Ryback. Makes sense.
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