Why we all love Layla.

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Apr 30, 2012.

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  2. Dat Asssssssss
  3. I fucking love her to death so damn hot only reason I was a fan of laycool


    God I have a feeling tonight's show is going to be horrible.
  4. Why is this in SD?
  5. Ass of a goddess. Also Dolph. She belongs on the Smackdown roster on the webpage.
  6. Natalya is hotter, has a nicer ass, and is a better wrestler :/
  7. Looks wise, I prefer AJ. Too bad she couldnt wrestle her way out of a sleeping bag.
  8. I think AJ is actually a half decent wrestler. But yeah, she is so hot.
  9. Kelly Kelly is HOTTER! But I will take Latya anyday if I can't Kelly Kelly!

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  10. I hereby question your taste in women. Why pick bland when you could have gorgeous? Just my opinion.
  11. Like a woman that are hot with nice you know what!

  12. It's clear then that we have different taste since personally I think Kelly looks like a Barbie doll held over a hot stove for too long.
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  13. lmao

    AJ has the body of a prepubescent 13 year old. Have fun with that.

    Idk who Layta is, but Layla is obviously 100X hotter than generic skank ho Kelly Kelly

    Layla's body >>> Kelly's
    Layla's face >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Kelly's

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  14. Nice, but too cheap how she won the championship..
  15. Torrie and trish were better. Back when WWE would actually look for girls with huge tits. Plus, she's wearing spandex. If this was 2002 you would be seeing layla in a thong.
  17. Best WWE video. Ever. :gusta:
  18. Why is it funny that i think Natalya is hot? Thats a sexy bitch.
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