TLC Why we lacking the stipulation matches?

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  1. There's only one week left* and the only match with a stip is just the unification match, everything else is 1v1 and 2 handicaps, I was expected a show loaded with Tables, Ladders and Chairs, whats going on here?

    *I don't know why, I thought the ppv was tonight, lmfao
  2. Well, right now, there are only 5 matches announced for TLC. Most likely, more matches will be announced on Raw. Hopefully, they will have to do with the PPV title.
  3. I don't mind the stipulation applying only to the main event instead of being spread across the show. Makes the TLC stip more of an attraction that way. I could see the tag team title match (Rhodes/Ryback and Axel) being made into a Tables Match, though.
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  4. Weren't only two at HIAC actually HIAC? Like Lockard says I prefer it less is more imo.
  5. It could be like TNA's lockdown PPV and have every match a specialty match :pity1: Next Months PPV? WWE presents Bro in a Cell
  6. It's a bit weird, indeed. I suppose they may announce one or two more matches with stips, and possibly add a stipulation to a current match.
  7. We already have Extreme Rules for that. TLC should be a special match that only happens once IMO. Or at the very most, maybe three separate matches - a ladder match, a tables match and a match where the only illegal objects you can use is steel chairs. They certainly shouldn't have every match on the card be a TLC match because that would just oversaturate the gimmick more so than it already has been. Same issue I have with hardcore matches in general, which PPVs like Extreme Rules certainly don't help with.
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  8. I know I know, hoff was being sarcastic bro. I feel the same way about specialty matches. I think one of the handicap matches shoulda been some kind of stipulation at least. Elimination handicap match or No DQ, or something
  9. John Cena is in the main event, what else is there to ask for? <3
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  10. Ehh, I wouldn't mind the stipulations for title matches, but at the same time I just really don't care. If they want to save the TLC match for the unification match, then that's cool too. I honestly just care if the match is good in general or not, doesn't need a stipulation to add excitement.
  11. Even if he's just on the show, it's worthwhile bro
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  12. #RiseAboveHate
  13. We have one TLC match set. honest to god isn't that like the only stip needed to fit the name?
    It's not like the old school survivor series which stated that every match on the card had to be a tag match.
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  14. Any other TLC matches would depreciate the value of what they're accomplishing in the main event.
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