Why we should route for Bryan

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  1. Alright lads

    At the end of the day, wrestling has been stripped from us. Since Johnny C showed up with his friverlous promos and vacous workrate, wrestling has not been aimed at the smarter members of society

    Bryan is helping shift that, at the end of the day. Us fans who were ignored and shunted into the background whe they pushed Cena are fighting back.

    Bryan is like us. A lad overlooked by the ziegheist, and too smart to make it in the real world. Just because he does not have a friverlous degree or a fancy body, people overlook him. Its happened to us fans as well, at the end of the day.

    Vince needs to realise he has ruined lives pushing Johnny C. The bullied are fighting back, at the end of the day.

    If we keep fighting we can have our great pastime back. And save it from the ziegheist.
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  2. Well said. :sandow:
  3. Which ROUTE does one take to ROOT for someone? HAHAHA *ba dum tiss*
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  4. Reigns is another lad who is all furcoat and no nickers

    cant wrestle for toffee
  5. I will never route for Bryan...

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  6. I'm confused, are we talking about Johnny Curtis?
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  7. Yeah, they pushed Fandango too hard.
  8. You should lad

    He is our representative. We are like him. Overlooked by the ziegheist, and too smart to be successful.
  9. Cool to know you like Bryan, TGMI.
  10. I guess this is where the fighting starts...
  11. The #Yes & #CancelWWENetwork movement are strong, we will prevail.
  12. Personally I like DB but I think he had his moment last. I don't want to see him become another super Cena type person where he's winning all the time and if some fans had their way thats what would happen. I would prefer to see more movement around the title once it's off brock lets get more then 2-3 people in on the title hunt. Zigglar, DB, Roman, Rollins, Wyatt and Ambrose. Have those six guys all fighting for it constantly would make for a far better entertaining story then just "Oh the boss screws DB again lets all chant yes constantly".
  13. Nobody wants to see Bryan constantly on top for the next 10 years. They (myself included) just want a proper title reign for him, that's all.

    And I agree, having more than just 2-3 guys in the title hunt would be cool.
  14. So what in your mind would be a proper title Reign? three months, six months a year? It's not the companies fault that he got hurt, he's taking crazy bumps to get over that he shouldn't be doing. I also wonder where all this out rage over a "proper" title reign was when Ziggler had the title and dropped it back to Del Slappy so quickly, I thought he was over too and a fan favorite.
  15. 4-6 months would do it, I think.

    Well, dunno what happened to DZ back then, but I wasn't fine with him dropping the title back to Del Rio. I guess the fans are just more vocal when it comes to Bryan.
  16. At this stage I think six months is far too long for any one person to hold the title there are just too many people who have earned a chance at a title run. Three months would be fine with me. But then again what's going to happen after six months he drops the title? My bet is another boo fest and cancel the network thing all over again. Right now it's best to trip the tape off the hairy arm and get the pain over with and just not give in.
  17. Well, I can't tell what's really going to happen. So, I'm just going to enjoy the ride.

    I guess we'll know for sure at Fastlane, after Reigns beats Bryan or after the match ends in a DQ/Count-out or whatever that wiould set up the triple-threat at Mania. Whatever route they go, it's going to be fine with me, I certainly won't be losing sleep over it at night.
  18. Reigns could be another Cena

    lilly lvered lads with their fancies haircuts and jobs might like them, but the smartest won't.

    Bryan is the Marilyn Manson of WWE, Reigns is the Justin Bieber.
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  19. Seriously LOL'd at this. What a comparison. :dawg:
  20. "Vince needs to realise he has ruined lives pushing Johnny C."

    So, People have lost money, become homeless, suicided and lost everything in their life because Cena is trying to make a living?

    I have no idea what you're saying by blaming everything on Cena but you know, No Understanding what TGMI is trying to say is a common trend in most of his threads...

    mate, You'd be better off down the pub then trying to make sense.