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  1. Why was sheamus entered in to the tournament

    Its stupid for the narrative

    Why would he want to compete in a tournment to win a title that he has a shot at whenever he likes

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  2. I was annoyed at first, too, but then I remembered he was gonna lose anyway, so whatever. lol
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  3. #WWELogic
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  4. Well, yeah, but you should take as many shots at a title as you can possibly take. It's like when Rollins went up against Lesnar and Cena at the Royal Rumble. He had a title shot whenever he wanted, but it didn't hurt to have another title shot too. Two shots are better than one.
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  5. Good point. Makes sense now.
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  6. Aye good shout that

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  7. Sheamus is already out, they needed a spot filled in. But if this happens, AND THIS BETTER NOT... Reigns wins clean and Sheamus cashes in, would just be awful, for Sheamus got no heat whatsoever.
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  8. From a kayfabe point of view, seems obvious why he would be in there. He wants to cherry pick a great moment for the title victory. Having the title, a mandatory rematch and the MITB would be the greatest thing, anyone can accomplish in the WWE.

    From a booking point of view, he was just launched in there because his push was a fail, and no one gives a shit about him.
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  9. It's not really hard to understand... That MITB is for a separate title shot he can cash-in on his own terms.. They created a tournament to determine a new #1 contender, from a storyline perspective it's smart Sheamus enters that tournament.. That MITB has nothing to do with this tournament.. People just don't like Sheamus, it seems like that's the issue.
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  10. Sheamus needs to be an annoying heel like he used to be. Then I would enjoy him again. I hated him when he debuted then I started to like him and they ruined it. RUINED IT! Now he is just annoying ginger on steroids with a bad hair dye job.
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  11. I think in the beginning when he was a quiet and dominate monster, he was good. I assume that is what you mean so I am not contradicting you :emoji_slight_smile: But they always have to make people talk. It's silly... look at Lesnar... barely says a word and he is the hottest thing the WWE has. He and Heyman are successful in the traditional manger and quiet wrestler roles and WWE could do a lot to bring that back.
  12. The only reason he's holding that briefcase is to fail at cashing in... And I do like Sheamus, in the midcard.
  13. As was said, because entering the tournament grants him a separate opportunity to become the world champion. Rollins did the same thing earlier this year at the Rumble, as did Edge when he entered the Gold Rush tournament on Raw back in 2005 to declare the #1 contender for Batista's WHC. It's a smart move for obvious reasons.
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  14. Sheamus don't need to be a talker to be over, that is the thing. People loved to hate him when he debuted. He had all that heat on him from beating Daniel Bryan at WM... Like why did they let all of that drop!? He is useless now. No one cares about him. Just like no one cares about all the other ones who deputed strong. They are career killers in the WWE. You are better off joining MVP at this point.
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