Why won't people connect with Sheamus?

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  1. Sheamus has been overpushed for a while now, both as a heel initially and now as the face and potential "replacement" for Cena - which looks more and more unlikely - so why can't he get over? Most shows he arrives to a very small amount of pops, all house show reports never list him as the top 3 pops in their reviews, and there were reports of WWE trying to show him that he is "replaceable" as he isn't connecting with fans. Why isn't it working?

    He has the cartoon look, he has the booking/push behind him, he has the mic time and backstage segments, why are people not caring about him?
  2. Could it have something to do with his accent? That people (read American crowds due to that being were WWE focuses their workload) just aren't connecting fully due to not understanding everything that he is saying - especially when he goes on a faster pace - ?

    One cannot deny that Sheamus has the physique to make it big in the business and the athleticism, but we have also seen that he tends to get complacent once on top. Are the crowds perhaps smarter than both we and WWE give them credit for and are noticing this and thus do not connect with him because of that?

    There are many factors or layers to this cake shaped mystery.
  3. You cannot force someone down our throats.
  4. Exactly, the biggest stars become top guys organically. Love or hate Cena, I doubt Vince had him as the next face of the company when he was the prototype. Same with the Rock as Rocky Maivia. Those guys worked their way to the top by getting over, Cena with his thuganomics and Rocky with his eyebrow and catchphrases. Sheamus was pushed before he was over. That's why there's no connection.
  5. In every stage of his career the guy has been overpushed. Won the WWE title waaay to quickly, flopped, went to the midcard. Then he's feuding with Jinder Mahal or something, and wins the Rumble, beating DB in 18 seconds or whatever and then squashes everyone throughout his entire reign. Shoving someone down the crowd's throats doesn't work, plus his face character is really boring. It may have been refreshing right after his turn, but making crappy jokes and having a "temper" is not really enough for a push like that. Crappy gimmick and booking, combined with the fact that Sheamus isn't the most charismatic guy in the world, will result in underwhelming crowd reaction when related to his card position.
  6. Because he's irish and people are racist, brad maddox 4 champ.
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  7. Look at the rest of sports... who are everyones' least favorite teams? Yankees, Crimson Tide, Manchester United, etc.
    Why? The Yankees are expected to win the World Series every year, the Tide have 3 national titles in the last 4 years... They're dynasties.
    Casual sports fans see a dynasty as something to root AGAINST. Everybody wants to see Napoleon Dynamite take out a bully.
    WWE simply doesn't understand this for some reason.
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    I like shamus personally but not as a face, he has too much of a bruiser look to him. Perhaps it it the accent but that sounds like a cop out to me, his accent isn't that deep as to not understand him. I think what it boils down to IS the over push. The more they force someone the more the universe seems to shy away. Exception would be cena but even cena wasn't over pushed at first. It took him a while to get going and by then he was already over
  9. its cuz he´s black....

    the overpush i think, we do like faces but with a bit of evil as well, thats what makes them interesting, thats why cena is boring, and thats why miz for example is getting better as a face
  10. Does there nessesarily have to be a reason? The reason people don't like him is because he's just another John Cena. Simple and sweet. He's possibly the next face of WWE. People don't want that. He's made to be marketed to lil' kids.
  11. He's corny, cuts the happy-go-looky bullshit smarmy cena promos and to be honest, it's not surprising most american's can't understand him. I can barely understand him half the time, fella.
  12. I'm sure a big part of it is the fact that he isn't American. No hometown = no hometown pop. Pops like those are infectious, like Punk in Chicago, MiTB. Aside from that, Americans do seem to cheer most for cliche Americans, ie; Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold, Cena. Then again, Jack Swagger never got over, so maybe Americanism doesn't mean much after all.

    In the end, I guess Sheamus is just boring and overbooked. He doesn't have the it factor. Not yet, at least.
  13. He was a million times better as a Heel, he is stale and boring as hell and his mic skills are awful..
    If someone is ever to get such a push as the face of the company, he should at least be able to lay a good joke. lol
  14. I just look at him and go.... *shrug* "Meh". There's nothing that makes you think wow, he's interesting.
  15. Honestly, the reason people don't connect with Shaemus is because it's not realistic. If you want someone to like someone it has to be realistic. IE Benoit winning his World title after a hard fought match, or Kurt Angle eliminating Mark Henry from the battle royal. Not realistic enough. Furthermore, they need to put him as the underdog, people are too used to having guys like him smash through the roster. @Crayo
  16. He's too white for me.
  17. Sheamus just doesn't 'click' with most people. It's hard to explain in words but you can try to come up with reasons for why people like or dislike anyone but it's kind of an intangible thing... Why do some people get popular, why do some people suddenly get more popular at a random part of their career, why some people burn out faster than others, etc. There's no clear measuring or defining or quantifying it. It's like trying to ask yourself why you prefer one genre of music over another or why you prefer anything over another.

    "I like Austin better than Hogan because Austin is a badass and Hogan is like a cartoon character."

    "Why do you prefer a badass over a cartoon character?"

    "Because I just do. It's more entertaining to me."

    "But why?"

    "It just is."


    "Just is..."
  18. Some people probably still resent him for what happen at Mania. Do not underestimate the power of the GOAT. :jeritroll:
  19. Because they don't like milk?
  20. People can't connect with Sheamus because people don't feel Sheamus. The guy came in as this violent guy when he arrived in ECW and now he's just some smiling happy guy all of a sudden, and it's not like there was a subtle transition either. I can't connect with Sheamus because he's just to fake for me. I just feel that the character Sheamus is doing has no real attachment, like if he were playing a role. Now I know there are people who play roles like Sandow, but he does his bit very well, it's believable. With Sheamus, everything he does just feels the exact opposite of that.

    Aside from that all that damn winning :upset:
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