Why Wrestler's use Stage names?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Ganesh Ujwal, Jul 16, 2014.

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  1. Why Wrestler's use Stage names instead of real name?
    why undertaker, why not Mark William Calaway?
    did anybody think, or else i am only guy asking this question?
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  2. Because they are playing characters. It's like a play, or a TV show. Ted on how I met your mother is not really named Ted.
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  3. Because Mark William Calaway isn't as marketable as The Undertaker.
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  4. So hipsters can say their real names in posts to impress their forum chums.
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  5. Because WWE can't copyright/trademark their real names, which means if they put them on merchandise and such people could replicate them legally.
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  6. Copyright. WWE wants to own their workers.
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  7. Because their real names usually aren't the greatest or catchiest sounding names for the characters and gimmicks they're portraying. Imagine 'Shawn Michaels' always calling himself 'Michael Hickenbottom' instead of his current name. Or The Rock always calling himself Dwayne (Johnson) instead of 'The Rock' every time he referred to himself in the 3rd person.

    On top of that, there's the copyright issues that have been mentioned.
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  8. Is this a legit question?

    *SPOILER* (Seriously do not read on if you want wrestling to still be real to you DAMMIT)

    Wrestling is scripted, paid athletes who act. Acting requires playing a character.

    Also to reiterate what other users have said: Their real names are not marketable.
  9. The OP is from India. I'm not sure how well known or established wrestling is there. But I get that kayfabe isn't entirely broken over there from what I can gather.
  10. India has one of the largest populations in the World, Im sure they are aware of Wrestling. It really is, from other Forums many Indian posters are aware of Kayfabe and that the Great Khali is not actually that "great".

    I see what you mean, casuals probably would not know about Kayfabe, but those Indians who post on a wrestling forum can't be considered a casual.
  11. as proven by ring ka king
  12. deathclaw?
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  13. So Jeebak isn't his real name?
  14. ?
  15. Copyright.. and also come on, some of their real names suck.

    But some do use their real name, maybe not FULL including middole name and such but like John Cena, Jeff & Matt Hardy for example use their real first and last names.

  16. You're welcome.
  17. An old member who used all pink text in her posts.
  18. But was really a dude.
  19. Using your real name in wrestling would be quite boring, anyways.
    I'd prefer to make up a moniker as opposed to the name my mother gave me.
    I had no choice in the name, so why not make up another for business purposes?
  20. Marketability.
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