Why WWE badly needs C M Punk after WM 29

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by shrayan, Apr 12, 2013.

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  1. C M Punk is not only one of the top performers in the history of wwe but also a perfect character that the wwe desperately wanted for the last 4-5 yrs. Punk is now the only top star of wwe who is a full timer but the guy who wwe fans would wherever he would go! After WM 29 wwe needs to come up with something meaty, something worth watching as most of wm 29 was only disappointing . But still wwe didn't turn Cena heel for definite reasons. In such a situation Punk taking some time off for injury would simply spell' ''DISASTER'' for WWE as they would at best have a Cena vs ryback vs the rock - triple threat match for WWE championship(as the rock deserves a rematch as he lost the title) .But will that work with fans booing every bit for cena and rock to be in a match again..............and will it profit the WWE now that Punk would be a treat to watch post his wm 29 performance against the undertaker? what do you think about all this?
  2. That's the best thing for Ryback, really. If the fans are going to trash a Cena/Rock rematch, the fans will only cheer Ryback because of it. Another new star made.

    Ryback's in a perfect position right now. Cena's heat and his... ya know, not being Cena are going to benefit him greatly.
  3. Punk needs the time off. He has nagging injuries and his character could use the rest for the moment. They can easily do without him for 3-4 months.

    In regards to Ryback, I still don't get the WM29 booking at all. I was JOKING when I said in a thread weeks ago that Ryback should shell shock Henry but then the weight of holding Henry up crashes down on him and he gets pinned, but they actually went and did it. And then Henry got shell shocked after the match anyway... I don't see how that was a better set up for Ryback getting a world title shot than Ryback scoring a victory but whatever. It was cool to see him clothesline the hell out of Cena anyway.
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  4. WWE DOES NEED CM PUNK! But if he hurt then u really can do anything about it! Hopeful he will be back intime for summerslam so he can feud with Brock maybe for the World Title!?
  5. CM Punk deserves to take a rest , it's not about WWE needing him or not, but the guy has been carrying the company for the last 2 years, and this rest would benefit him from every aspect.
    It will also help him refreshing his character refreshing his character.
  6. Punk didn't carry the company. He helped carry it but he wasn't the sole guy people came to see. Which you post kind of makes him out to be.
  7. He was a significant factor in the company though. They see those who hold the title as stars carrying the company, and he held it for over a year, and for a period worked both RAW and SmackDown house shows to make sure arenas sold out. Obviously the whole roster itself carries the company, but Punk & Cena were by far the frontline.
  8. Yeah obviously. Which is why I said that he helped. He was obviously a clear and dominant factor. But not the sole factor, which was how I interpreted Baraa's post.
  9. If he's a dominant factor, then there's nothing to debate lmao. No point debating for the sake of it, you could tell what Baraa meant. I completely agree with him too, Punk needs a rest, and he should be getting one. Saying that, Cena needs a rest too.
  10. Oh yeah, both need and deserve a rest.
  11. The fact that they can afford Punk to rest surely points that he hasn't been a great factor in carrying the company doesn't it? I can't imagine them saying to Cena hey buddy take 6 months off we have Punk can you? Cena carried the company and drew the people in Punk was the workhorse admittedly but he could have probably been replaced by Henry, Bryan, Kane, Ryback or any amount of uppermidcard guys from a business stand point as he wasn't the main cause for people coming to see the show. From an entertainment standpoint Punk carried it but did he from a business perspective?
  12. I never said that he was the ONLY guy to carry the company, but he was definitely the main superstar who carried it, he was the champion for over 400 days after all.
  13. True. People didn't get refunded if Punk couldn't make a live event. If Cena misses it people always get refunded.
  14. CM Punk isn't the type of guy a company can't do without. At all.
  15. you're right to some extent...........but judging by the current situation wwe is in with cena getting a whole lot of boos every week and part timers like rock and brock having so much limited appearances punk is the only guy who can save this company
  16. Save the company from what? 3.0 ratings and 1 million + Wrestlemania buys? The company doesn't need saving and if it did Punk wouldn't be fit for the job.
  17. i'm not saying that wm 29 was a failure in terms of ticket sales or that monday night raw need to be saved. Look at wm 29:80000+ attendance . Are you kiddin' me! But anyway wwe will never be the show we loved to watch back in 2003-2004.At that time a wm attendance would be around 54000(wm 19). But that was the era when people and critics used to be overwhelmed every week on raw for matches like rock vs hhh. and today rock performs at wm or at selected ppv's.So if anyone can give matches like those it is surely punk(remember his match with cena on raw). Wwe needs those moments not only at wm but on raw itself. And now it's all up to punk to bring it.That's why punk's that guy.
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