News Why WWE Is Reportedly Doing More Apron Bumps

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Prince Bálor, Jul 20, 2015.

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    Meh, dumb reason.
  2. Those hurt A LOT.
  3. Well if Meltzer said it it must be true, right?
  4. You know it gurll
  5. I'm smelling bullshit.
  6. Quite an awkward thing to smell, don't cha think?
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  7. Oh, sorry guys. Forgot that gigantic pile of bullshit that's under my bed. Brb.
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  8. Riiiiiight. I mean, the spots are cool and all, but I doubt that's the reason.
  9. What is the reason?
  10. That'll show them.
  11. :fact:
  12. Really? Because before entering the thread I thought to myself "Just another part of WWE's in ring style becoming a watered down knockoff of ROH's style"
  13. I think it might be just because the talent from the indies are used to doing that style, and that's why they are doing it. I don't think it's solely the reason that they looked at ROH and thought about it, but more it was suggested. So suppose partly the reason could come from ROH, but I don't see it directly.
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