Games Why WWE not released in PC?

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Ganesh Ujwal, Feb 1, 2015.

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  1. Why WWE not released in PC?
    everytime it is released in xbox, ps2 etc, why not for pc?
  2. WWE Hates PC Gamers. Vince is all console gaming, thinks PC gaming is for little pussy boys.
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  3. What he said. ^

    I LOL'd so hard.
  4. Horrible game play...

    See - "WWE RAW"
  5. If they put some effort to it, I think it'd be as good as on the consoles... Or not. lol
  6. Considering you can use console-esque controllers on PCs they should do it, however I think the worry about sales is a big problem.. PC Games like that are pretty easy to crack codes for and upload to torrent sites for massive illegal downloads.. PC Games are mainly all about CD Keys these days.
  7. Yes, that's something I was going to mention.

    PC games are way easier to rip and put online for illegal downloading. If it came out for PC, I'd definitely buy it.

    Well, I got to play WWE '13 on PC, because it was released for Wii and I used an emulator for it.

    Can't say the gameplay and all that jazz were uber-good, but it definitely wasn't horrendous.
  8. Easy answer. You pay money to manufacture the game and everyone pirates it. Too easy to steal on pc.
  9. Put it on Steam, I don't think there are many issues with that on there.
  10. Sadly, I don't think it's ever gonna be put out for a PC release.
  11. I probably wouldn't even buy it now, but I would be willing to back at Christmas... hopefully 2K16 is out on PC, after all, they put the NBA games on Steam.
  12. I wouldn't get my hopes up about 2K16 being on PC, but we'll see.
  13. Lol at the "piracy" comments. WWE is so popular it would probably top steam sales for a few weeks and turn in quite the profit. Thing is, the game would have not to be dogshit for that to happen. Seriously, only Indie developers and shitty games have to worry this much about cracked content. The hit on profit is usually laughable for AAA games. I think they just don't trust their product enough to place it on a less casual platform
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