why WWF changed to WWE ?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Ganesh Ujwal, Nov 24, 2013.

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    why WWF changed to WWE ?
    What are the reasons behind it
  2. It was a lawsuit from World Wildlife Foundation in 2000. WWF changed to WWE because probally it would save money instead of going through with the lawsuit.
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  3. Something about the World Wide Fund for Nature or something I believe.
  4. According to Wikipedia!
  5. Many assume it was because of the lawsuit with PandaCo, but I know the truth. In 1999, the WWF was approached by a man only known as Amphib. Amphib disliked Vince and had him kidnapped and taken to a palace built under the sea. While he was in captivity, Vince was questioned for hours every day about a secret formula he had been developing.

    The formula would have the possibilty to generate infinite resources of food in fractions of seconds, but he knew that in the wrong hands it could also be used to wipe out the entirety of the worlds food and horticulture.

    One night after his regular interrogation, he heard a crackling sound coming from the air filtration system in the wall. Looking out of he was surprised to see a fleet of dolphins. But these were no ordinary dolphins you see, because upon these dolphins were an assortment of wrestlers ready to fight for Vince's freedom.

    After smashing through the wall and retrieving Vince, the fleet of dolphins had been attacked by olympic wrestlers riding sharks. The sharks were stronger no doubt, but lacked the coordination that shined in the dolphins.

    Upon seeing Amphib, Vince ordered one of the dolphins to attack. Not only did it attack, but it attacked him in an area most important. It bit off his penis and returned it to Vince.
    From the excess blood releasing from his now vagina, the sharks had all gone rogue and began attacking Amphib.

    Making their way back to the surface, they thanked their dolphin army and made their way back HQ. Inside his Office, Vince sighs as he places the penis on the wall with two other penises above it, shaping out the letter E.

    So now you know why they changed the F to an E.
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  6. I think WWE just couldn't use their Attitude Era logo for WWF, for they were allowed to use the past logos or rename it to WWWF but they prolly felt it was time for a change, but on the 1,000th episode of Raw, the WWF logo was no longer censored in archival footage due to WWE reaching a settlement with the World Wide Fund for Nature. In addition, the WWF initials are no longer censored when spoken or when written in plain text in archival footage. Since then, full-length matches and other segments featuring the WWF initials and scratch logo have been added to the WWE website and the WWE Classics, This also includes any WWE vintage footage. In exchange, WWE is no longer permitted to use the WWF initials or logo in any new, original footage, with any old-school logos for retro-themed programming now using the original WWF logo, but modified without the F.
  7. Fucking world wildlife fund. When I was 5 I was at the store with my mom and saw a sticker book that had WWF on it. I has visions of ultimate Warriors, Hulk Hogans, and Bret Harts dancing in my head. One of my saddest moments was getting home, ripping open the packaging and realizing it was a bunch of stupid animal stickers! :finger: world wildlife fund!!!!!
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  8. Thats a funny story LOLOLOLOL
  9. I find it amusing that McMahon brags about how he beat Ted Turner/WCW and the Federal Government, and yet the one group he and his company did lose to was ... the WWF.

    Anyway, yeah, I'll never forgive the Panda fuckers for making them change from WWF to WWE. I;m used to it now but World Wrestling Federation just sounds so much more iconic. Vince himself has even mistakenly still referred to it as the WWF a few times since then, including on TV in 2011 during the Summer of Punk angle.
  10. World Wildlife Fund FTW.
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  11. [​IMG]
    At least it spawned shirts like this.
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  12. I also remember there was an idea rumored back then that Vince wanted to beat up a guy in a Panda suit on TV later that year as a way of mocking the World Wildlife Fund but he was talked out of it. Too bad, that would have been awesome.
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  13. And people wonder why McMahon hates hippies and vegans.
  14. Who trusts a man who won't eat a steak?
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  15. That man who won't eat a steak is clearly a commie :jericho:
  16. [​IMG]

    Wait is that Kevin Nash?
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  17. lmao that's what I thought. Wait, here's someone who's obviously a commie. Why? Just because his name's The Miz, and he looks like a douche in this picture. I've always hated that stupid chick magnet shirt[​IMG]
  18. Fuck the stupid panda company. Pandas can go extinct for all I care.
  19. That could've been WWF's TLC poster.
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