Why you love hip hop

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  1. This is a decent thread idea. Why do you love hip hop? People have issues one way or another, and i think the beauty of rap/hip hop is the fact there are so many different labels for "types" of it, just like Rock. Here is mine.

    Kanye West, my favorite rapper. College Dropout is one of the best albums of all time in my book. Quality, great songs, at least 10 could be called "radio hits" and there are 5+ "underground" hits. Great, great album. This is one of my favorite rappers ever, Talib Kweli, on Kanye.

    Dolph'sZiggler get in here.
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  2. Not into Kanye at all. Just not.

    Why do I love hip hop? I can appreciate the effort and poetry that goes into. The clever lyricism with the ever-evolving rhyme schemes. Hip hop can and has changed music and how people perceive music. I'm into classic hip hop atm from past eras, like early Outkast. Following a lot of underground rappers like Arsenal, DNA, Lowkey, Akala, ALAGE, Blax, Brother Ali etc. Hip hop isn't ion a bad place right now.
  3. Never really thought of it tbh. It's just the music I've always liked the most. I can trace my love for 60s/70s rock to my Dad, but there is nobody in my life that steered me towards becoming a hip hop fan.

    Eminem drew me into the genre when I was a kid, probably 4th/5th grade. As I grew older I expanded my horizons on rap music and found more and more stuff I enjoyed listening to. Initially I definitely loved how raw and unfiltered hip hop was compared to other types of music. Later I began dissecting what it was I liked about certain songs or rappers, be it their rhyming ability, flow, subject matter or what have you.

    I'm not sure I can really describe my love for the music tangibly... I just know that as much as I love rock and roll, nothing to me can top a great hip hop song that clicks on all levels with a good beat, strong hook, good lyrics and worthwhile content. It's just an artform I have a ton of respect for and admiration for the dudes who are the best at it
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  4. When I was a kid I heard "" by Nas. I bought that album and his previous one. Nas is why I love hip hop.

  5. I haven't delved into the genre as much as I would like, but I do really enjoy it either way. It seems to me that hip hop gets a lot more personal than most other genres. It really gets into the specifics and makes you feel what the artist feels so to speak. Living in an area where so many people try to make it as a big artist, I do tend to listen to a lot of local rappers here as well.
  6. That's deth, nice try.
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  7. AHAHA, I didn't even realize that, lmao.
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  8. I love hip hop cause I'm black, that's the only reason. HANDS UP IF U A NIGGA!
  9. 2/10
  10. I assume the 2 is for the number of hands you have up :happy:
  11. I don't know. I guess the stories they tell, the beat/tune and it can be in various forms. As in a sad song, happy song, party song, ect.
    But I'm pretty sure most genres can do that. I guess the tune is soothing.
  12. Not many other genres have artists that have so much freedom to span their tracks across multiple styles and emotions while staying within the bounds of the genre. I'll use Pharoahe Monch as an example; he has tracks that range from political/current affairs ("Free", "Clap*", "Black Hand Side"), inspirational ("Push", "Desire", "The Truth", "Still Standing*"), humorous ("Simon Says", "Rape", "The Ass"), Anecdotal ("The Hitman*", "Assassins*") while still keeping his flow, vocal- and lyrical-style true to hip-hop despite being completely different topics and beat-styles. I feel the same holds true for many other hip-hop artists.

    But personally my introduction and what really got me into hip-hop was the beats (since I came from a primarily electronic background where lyrics are sparse) so if a beat was off on a song, that was pretty much a deal-breaker for me. Even now I still need a Trifecta of a good beat, good lyrics and a good flow to get into the songs, but I'm willing to settle on two of the three if they're exceptional.

    * The songs with asterisks were produced by a guy called M-Phazes. Most of what I've heard from him is pretty bad-ass, and if you're into the men behind the music you should keep an eye on him.
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  13. This is why I love hip hop. I listened to this song all day every day when I was younger.

  14. what, you played ssx tricky for the xbox a lot? :troll:
  15. I don't get this thread. Why I like a type of music? Because i like to listen to it.
  16. Eminem drew me in at a fairly young age. I listened to him cause of how explicit he was,I thought I was cool cause I listened to music with lots of cuss words. As I got older I started paying attention to the beats and lyrics and found myself wondering what the artists' meaning of the song was. At the moment I'm really into classic hip hop like Nas,a couple of mainstream guys like T.I,,Macklemore,and J-Cole. Also, a lot of underground guys like Dizzy Wright,Jarren Benton,SwizZz,Hopsin,and Mac Lethal.
  17. I love Hip-Hop for two reasons. One is that some rappers really get some emotion out of me, the other reason is that some Hip-Hop songs get me pumped up which I like to be.
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