Why you should give a sh*t about WWE wrestling this weekend

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Neptune, Feb 19, 2016.

  1. Why you should give a sh*t about WWE wrestling this weekend Blah blah blah talks about matches and then....

    "So why should you care?

    It's serialised live storytelling with incredibly athletic performers playing outlandish villains and heroes with an overarching plot that never truly ends.

    There's a reason fans fall hard for pro wrestling. It can be dumb. It can be offensive. But we persist for those moments when you know it's all scripted, but you're in too deep to care. When it connects, when you're so invested it feels real or better than real sometimes, and you won't ever find another form of entertainment quite like it.

    Even if you've never watched a single match, Fastlane is a great place to start. If you love it, WrestleMania is right around the corner. If you hate it, you can confidently go back to ignoring wrestling for the foreseeable future. Give it a try and get swept up in the atmosphere, the adrenaline and the hype.

    And maybe you'll get why the top trend on Twitter this weekend is about a pretend sport."
  2. If people don't currently watch WWE, they should never get into it.. There's no reason to watch it.
  3. What asshat did you steal this article from? This is not the PPV to check WWE out at.
  4. I was totally not going to watch Fastlane this Sunday, but this article has convinced me otherwise! :otunga:
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  5. SAME HERE BROFAM! :happy:
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  6. I got it from your mom's blog "99 ways to bang Ryback"
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  7. ROH vs NJPW >
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  9. Fast lane has the triple threat and maybe, just maybe, a surprise appearance. This is not "the time" the start watching WWE. When the full roster is back, then watch - maybe around summerslam or give mania this year a whirl.
  10. I lol'd
  11. I'm not watching because ill be out partying but I care BECAUSE DEAN AMBROSE IS GONNA WIN
  12. Fandango said we were exclusive. FUCK
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  13. That is what you get for messing around with fookin sloots.

  14. real f'in video ffs.
  15. lol that random cat
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