Why you should watch Wrestlemania with us!

Discussion in 'Announcements Archive' started by Crayo, Apr 2, 2014.

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  1. I thought I would make this thread to advertise what we have planned for the Wrestlemania PPV coming up, and I also want to show off why this is the best wrestling forum on the planet to watch it on. Here we go.

    • The best EXCLUSIVE live-discussion feature which enables users to discuss the show just as they would on Skype or any other IM program. (Screenshot below)
    • The fact that Watch Wrestling will be streaming it live on many different pages via the forums (one of the streams will even be embedded into the original post in the live discussion thread).
    • Prizes for those who are the funniest during the live-discussion thread, and the most active.
    • Two brand new themes coming (light & dark)
    Here is the "Compact" live discussion feature I was talking about:


    And here are the links to the stream pages:


    Hopefully those pages will be designed better in the coming days.

    As for the themes coming, I can't show you screenshots of those yet because I'm not going to spoil it. I am currently using the light one as we speak, but we hope to role both the light and the dark themes out before Wrestlemania (tough ask I know). For those wondering, it's @Xanth who is doing the theme work, so all of you who complain about him should know how much stuff he is currently doing to get both out before Wrestlemania. GO XANTH <3.

    Anyway, I will be further rewarding users coming up to Wrestlemania with new awards (and existing awards) based on how active they are in the lead to Wrestlemania and how much discussion they are contributing in the wrestling sections. There might be a separate announcement regarding this "competition" of sorts.

    All in all, I'm pumped to be watching Wrestlemania with you guys, and I'm pumped to have INTERNET. Wooooooo :woo1:.

    Ly all.
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  2. Live Stream One Leads to an error for me. but the others seem to be perfectly working. Great Job!

    I'll defiantly be watching it with you all. May there be many mroe mania's to enjoy together!
  3. Sounds..... interesting. Hopefully, The Finisher doesn't disrupt the streaming at Wrestlemania XXX and fires everyone.
  4. Looking forward to it!
  5. The stream pages don't appear for non-admin's at the moment, but they will for Wrestlemania. I was just providing the links for y'all.
  6. I feel special that my post will be the holy grail of WrestleMania bootleg footage. And Nick said J-modding wouldn't work out :obama:
  7. I will gladly not need a stream if the Network works

  8. <3
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  9. I'll try to be on the live discussion, but sounds like I will be watching with my daughter for a good portion. The scooby doo movie turned her on to Wrestlemania and now she wants to watch it lol. We'll see how that goes. The wife is even going to make us some snacks akin to a superbowl party. :boss1:
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  10. Might try to make the ld.i do have the network though so I'll be watching it on there. Still sounds like a great job by all of the guys here, and I wish you the best of luck in it. As for the rest of the users, this should be pretty convenient, aside from if a stream goes down, yet there are still several more.
  11. I have a presentation to give the following morning (UK time difference is the worst) so I'll have to give it a miss. I will be there in spirit- I would love to stay up and stream the ppv and take part in live discussion.
  12. I'll try and join you guys...I'm not off for Easter Holidays yet but I'll try and join you.

    If not, I have to watch the replays.
  13. May or may not have a friend coming by with a pile of Cheetos. You guys are my Plan B.... hey, being a B is right, right? Isn't that the story of WM?
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  14. But it will finish at like 4am :O
  15. I'm already going to watch it here n00b
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  16. I suppose it varies as to who you are and where you are in the 'wrestling universe' whether you care or not depends and what you're watching it for is entirely varied among others but hey I may check it out but if sting shows up I am going to mark out with a drum set and a BAT with a crow :burns:
  17. I shall try and be there tonight.
  18. Woah, long time no see.