Wierd video about miztv I found on youtube

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Mizfit, Jan 20, 2013.

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  2. That's not the Miz's youtube channel.

    http://www.youtube.com/user/ImStillTheMiz This is.
  3. heres another video
  4. You are being duped. This is the same troll who faked being Brad Maddox and filming the divas locker room.
  5. I saw this earlier on today,quite an intense clip probably a fake.
  6. how about the other video I just saw that looks like AJ lee getting laid?

  7. It's all women who look similar to the divas, but it is not them. You never see full images of their faces. WWE has released statements on these videos and on this "WWEanonymous". It's some joker on the web.
  8. damn that chick looks so much like aj. Its kind of hard to believe that isn't her lol
  9. So, what is he/she going to do on 01-28?
  10. I don't know but here is a youtube channel link I just found. It seems to be wwe confirm?

  11. It's not wwe official. I can put WWE in my youtube username but that would mean nothing. This is a internet troll who has done this for years.
  12. All these videos are fake, I remember when I used to fall for these things :haha:
  13. Thank you. Tag in bro.
  14. oh ok. I believe you guys. First time I've ever came across something like this lol I knew about the brad maddox video scam, just didn't read about it or watch the video.
  15. It's alright, the people who make these things are fantastic editors, it's easy to fall for them
  16. now what I am confused about is why they would target a brad maddox video like that though.

    plus, if the other video that looks like aj lee getting laid isn't her then my eyes must be playing tricks on me. I watched the video 7 times. There isn't a differences between the girl in the video and aj lee at all. At least in my eyes....its creepy how the girl and aj lee look completly alike.
  17. AJ has different eyebrows.
  18. Just embedded all those videos. Fuck I'm bored.
  19. Learn to click Ryan, gawd.
  20. If there was really a video of AJ getting laid it would be all over this forum, dirt sheets, and other forms of media by now
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