WrestleMania Wife shows Husband cheating via sign at Mania

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    Haha, that is epic. What a way to tell him you know about it :haha:
  2. It's Cena's wife.
  3. He did say he once banged a one over 300lbs.. could be!!
  4. LOL at Cena quote... She could have eat Cena, they'd be together forever
  5. If that was my wife, I'd cheat on her, too.
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  6. 10/10 would bang
  7. [​IMG]

  8. That sucks.
  9. Damn I love that she did that. It's a great way for her to have some control over the situation. Sucks to be the guy though :dawg:
  10. Dude I was in section 129
  11. If i married a woman who turned into a beached whale i'd probably just divorce her, but that works too. Must have kids with her.
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