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  1. Who watches this shit? I'm 5 eps in and its pretty well done. Its on Netflix

    it was easy for me to dismiss it because of the premise but after a couple of reliable people backed it I gave it a shot and its money.
  2. This show is fucking amazing. The last episode of every season always some how tends to fuck with my mind. I thought it would be just one of those dumb comedies on Late night Cartoon Network but this show has gotten me so infested into the characters. I can't wait til Season 3 comes out on Netflix.
  3. Yea its pretty dark and deep. Not even close to what I expected when I first started watching.
  4. I love Wilfred :lady:
  5. I watched the ep last night where the mom from Malcolm in the middle wants to fuck Elijah Wood and then Wilfred is trying to fuck that giraffe and then the kid catches Elijah WOod fucking the giraffe.

    what a show :happy:
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  6. shit is the right word
  7. Did you give it a chance? I would have agreed if I saw a random ep or short clip, but did you actually sit down and give it a fair shot starting with the pilot?

    It might not be for you but it is a really well-done show mate.
  8. meh i was just trollin
  9. Is this the show where wood plays a dog?
  10. I love this show
  11. No he is the main character who talks to a dog.
  12. Oh thats it the dog is played by some aussie actor, have only seen a handful of episodes but it was quite funny for a idea that does not seem funny.
  13. Yea the dog is Australian. It is sort of one of those comedies that is meant to be watched sequentially, unlike a lot of them where it doesn't really matter.
  14. Think i will check this out again it was well written.
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  15. The dude who plays Wilfred is actually the writer of the show apparently.
    Also there's an Australian version that's supposed to be a bit darker.
  16. DUde just finished seaosn 1


    now s2 and BOOM Robin Williams

    <3 this show
  17. Used to watch this on BBC 3...gonna start watching again.
  18. The comedy is on point but late S1/S2 is amazing writing as Ryan/the audience struggle to distinguish what is real, what is a dream, what is a hallucination... I can't get enough of it. Such brilliant writing
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  19. Not a big fan of it but I'm already in it for the ride, tis the only reason I keep watching.
  20. If you ever get a chance to check out the original run that Gann did in Australia it's pretty good in comparison with this one. Like I said I'm not a huge fan, it's entertaining but if you like the US series the Aussie one that aired like late 07 to early 09 i believe is similarly likeable too.
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