Will 2014 be a banner year for the WWE?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by philitup, Jan 2, 2014.

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    Just a fallow up on what HHH said on WWE.com yesterday. The superstars he named that will be coming back this year sound good, and WM 30 alone will business boost for the better, so I'll say it could be.
  2. Depends on how shitty the first few PPV's are. I have high hopes for the RR-WM but unless there is a few big payoffs it wont be anything spectacular.
  3. I hope so. Something needs to peak my interest again.
  4. It's in your sig.

    Anyways, gonna say yes cause...it's WWE.
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  5. No it won't. Not unless we get some decent pushes for people like DZ, Bryan, Big E, Sandow for me I don't mind returns but if I see Batista being a beast then I want Reigns to go over etc.... We need more effort building future stars as all the returnees and top stars aint gonna be around forever.
  6. Brock Lesnar still around, one world title, Batista returning, The Shield breaking up and all three guys going on their own path, etc. There's definitely potential for it to be a great year but only time will tell.
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  7. As long as the authority angle is still running and the power couple are getting a ridiculous amount of TV time, the product will suffer. Obviously, RR to WM will be very solid, but I've not got high hopes about the rest of the year.
  8. Pretty much this. So much young talent is currently in the roster right now too, so I'm looking forward to see how WWE will use them for the upcoming year. Also looking forward to see how they treat the Intercontinental championship now that the World Heavyweight championship is gone from the company. The tag team division is also something I'm looking forward to see this year.
  9. I sure hope it is a better year. 2013 wasn't that great in my humblest of opinions.
  10. Ok dumb ignorant question. Is there some reason Rollins and Reigns or the entire Shield for that matter are going to split? I haven't been watching smackdown but to my knowledge the heat is being built up between Ambrose and Reigns, am I right? Why can't it be that Ambrose leaves the group and the tag team of Rollins and Reigns stays in tact? Is it just the prevailing rumors of Reigns starting a singles career soon?

    I think I am going to side with Stone Cold on this one. Tag teams are crap lately for the primary reason that they never stick together for very long anymore. With a 3 man group, I can see Ambrose leaving, but the tag champions ought to be kept together. A good tag team, in a healthy division is worth a lot more to a pay per view than some guy going off on his own and ultimately failing to deliver.

    I know there's a lot of smarky love out there for Roman Reigns right now, but Roman Reigns is not Bret Hart. Roman Reigns isn't Shawn Michaels. Roman Reigns is Arn Anderson. Roman Reigns is Hawk. Roman Reigns is Davey Boy Smith. He is the muscle and enforcer to a tag team that if it just stuck together for a number of years will likely go down as one of the, if not the greatest tag teams ever.

    if Roman Reigns leaves the Shield, WWE's tag division suffers a gigantic blow it likely doesn't recover from any time soon. It's bad enough they split up Tons of Funk, but then they make him this self proclaimed "Main Event Player"?! Tensai should have turned heel with Brodus and they could be contending for the titles right now. If Roman Reigns goes, fuck the tag division. I would be very pissed off that they never cashed in on Shield vs Wyatts.

    This is the standard crap both organizations have been pulling that has undermined tag team wrestling for over 20 years now. The Rockers breakup WAS amazing, and Shawn went on to have one of the greatest careers ever. But LOD, Midnight Express, Rock and Roll Express, Freebirds and the like were just as big in their territories in their heyday, and not even Hawk, with all his genius ability and look could have been a big singles star, but LOD? They were money, badass beyond belief, and could easily main event.

    Roman Reigns is green as grass. Keep Shield together and gaining experience and credibility as a tag team powerhouse that stands up to historical comparisons with REAL tag team legends, and maybe a few years from now Reigns will be experiences enough to stand on his own. Right now he is just getting set up for failure. Kind of like Ryback was in 2012. Don't waste Reigns like that. Don't waste this awesome tag team that is Rollins and Reigns like that.
  11. They're starting to run their course as a group, there's been rumors of them splitting for awhile and these past couple of months have showed signs of dissension within the ranks. If anyone splits from the group while the other two stick together, I'd bet money on Reigns going solo and Ambrose/Rollins remaining as a tag team for a little while longer. Then they could do a breakup angle between Ambrose and Rollins sometime in the summer or fall of this year and save Rollins's face turn for later instead of turning both Rollins and Reigns face at the same time now.

    I don't see why you make comparisons between Reigns and the weaker half of other tag teams from the past. Reigns and Rollins were never meant to be a permanent tag team. Each guy was always supposed to stand out on his own, but they wanted to put the tag team gold in the group since the only way to make sure each guy held a title without just slapping the WHC/IC/US straps on each of them was to have two of them hold the tag straps. Reigns and Rollins just so happened to make the best two guys to slap together (although there were a lot of people last year thinking that Reigns was gonna get the singles title while Ambrose/Rollins got the tag titles and it was even rumored that was what could happen.)

    Either way, Reigns was never meant to be a long-term tag team guy. He was already fingered as the breakout star of the group from the start due to his size and look, which is why they've continuously kept him from being as exposed as the other two. They still want him to maintain an aura, and we're already starting to see that the crowds are catching on and cheering for the dude when he tears ass up in the ring. They were even chanting his name over the other two last Monday on Raw. I'm getting more of a Batista feel here than a Ryback one (although to be fair, Ryback could have been a bigger star himself... it was his booking and putting him in an unwinnable situation that killed his chances of becoming bigger, not his limited ability in the ring.) There's no guarantee that Reigns will become the breakout star that people prognosticate, of course, but only time will tell.

    And there's every chance that we still get The Shield/Wyatts before the split. The Wyatts going over The Shield and proving themselves as the more dominant stable could end up being the final breaking point for the group.
  12. I don't think so, if I have low expectations, then it's all good.
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