Will a Total Diva ever win the title?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by RoyalRaven, Dec 28, 2013.

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  1. I'm hoping not, since it will take alot of focus away from the actual women who don't do the show. But with WWE you never know.
  2. It wouldn't surprise me to see them do a shitty angle where one of the 'Total Divas' ends up being the one to defeat AJ for the Diva's Championship as a way of proving to her and the rest of the world that they're not just Divas and actually do have what it takes to be a real women's wrestler.
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  3. I pray that moment never comes true.
  4. You know what sounds better? Sticking my hand in the garbage disposal in my sink and turning it on. It's also less painful.
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  5. Could you imagine if they do the above angle with Eva Marie?
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    I'd have to think one of them will eventually. 7 of the 15 divas on the roster are on the show. Most of the divas that aren't on the show besides AJ & Tamina are barely being used or not at all.
  7. It's inevitable. The total divas girls are the ones that matter. As much as AJ likes to think she does she doesn't.
  8. I wouldn't mind if Natalya wins it really, but the others I would be against. Don't see why Nattie needs to be part of the Total Divas, would actually mark if she turns on them and leaves the show.
  9. No Paige is winning it
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