Will AJ cling to this opportunity this time?

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  1. I know there are a lot of threads regarding AJ currently but they've seemed intent on making him a big star a few times and he's never really clicked to the role IMO, plus he got awful stop start booking which didn't help and a little bit of bad luck along the way.

    Examples from recent years include :

    AJ wins the title at Bound For Glory 2009 against Kurt, Sting and Morgan.


    The nod from Sting, the crowd celebrating with him. It all felt like AJ was going to be the one to carry the company over from Sting as TNA's iconic face, sadly this didn't work partly due to the horrible masked man attacking AJ angle.


    Now I honestly think the plan here was to do AJ vs Hardy for the title at BFG 2012 from this video, Jeff would have recaptured the title from Sting before AJ toppled him and won the title, ending Immortal in the same breath.

    TNA is currently in a much better position than before here and in 1995 you could have probably made a similar thread about Sting, he was over and seemingly took the torch many times in the past but could never get the job done to cement himself as the face people paid big money to see, we all know how that played out for the crow.

    So the question is, will AJ manage it this time and become TNA's biggest star?
  2. As an AJ Styles mark, I wish they give him another shot at big push, really. Terrific talent, one of the best today, and I'd have no complaints for him gunning for the World Title at BFG and "saving" TNA.
  3. All I can say is I hope so. I seriously do. I love the guy, many other people love the guy, and he's talented enough to do it. Book him smartly, and the rest will come.
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  4. I'd be alright with it. If they book it well, for once, yes.
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