Will AJ or Joe ever come to WWE?

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  1. They're the guys I personally want to jump the river. Will these guys ever do it?
  2. I would love to see AJ come in WWE, he's a great wrestler imo.
    Though, I don't think this is going to happen, WWE and TNA are rivals..
  3. Yeah but most TNA Superstars would love to come to WWE. If he's out of contract, or even if WWE buy him out of contract he might. TNA aren't close to WWE yet in terms of star power, wealth and prestige.
  4. I'd rather they didn't. AJ has been with TNA since day one, it's crucial for them to keep hold of him.
  5. Would you not want them to move on for their careers eventually? AJ is so talented, and deserves more world-wide recognition like Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson) is currently getting, as being a world class professional wrestler.

    TNA I don't think use AJ right.
  6. TNA and AJ can grow simultaneously.
  7. I guess, but how is TNA's growth going? When Hogan arrived ratings etc were up but I heard they went back down again?
  8. I imagine it's better now Hogan is gone, he's awful. Sting being in control is great, he's so entertaining to watch.
  9. Definitely. Big fan of Sting. Behind the scenes though is Hogan still running the show?
  10. Finally, a TNA fan who admits Hogan is terrible.

    Sting, AJ and Joe were the only reason I watch TNA. Joe is being so mis-used it's unbelievable, but AJ and Sting are brilliant. Sting has had so many rumoured WWE returns too, but I guess the guy really isn't going to work for Vince.
  11. I don't think so, I haven't seen Hogan since he "retired". Sting and Dixie Carter are in full control.
  12. Good. I like the commentators on TNA, much prefer them to WWE. Jerry Lawler has just lost it.

    I think Joe is soon going to be released from TNA, back to RoH. Then AJ could perhaps in the future be signed, but I don't know. He won't be a main eventer in WWE that's for sure, but I don't even think he is in TNA is he?
  13. Jeremy Borash is really good, I like Spin Cycle.
    I would consider AJ a main eventer, he's faced Bobby Roode a few times in the last couple months, in an iron man match most recently.
    Right now it's all about Hardy, Roode, Angle and Storm.
    I'm waiting for Crimson to get a title shot, though I feel he will win, and then lose his unbeaten streak right after in a match he would never lose.
  14. Has Angle ever not been in the main event? Might really get into TNA. Would love to see those AJ vs Bobby matches, what was the wrestling quality like? Also is Bobby face or heel (bad or good guy if you don't understand those terms)?
  15. Angle is a main eventer, he's been the champion many times.
    Roode is incredibly bad, he claims he is the leader of the "selfish generation", and has also ditched his family and friends due to his obsession with the title.
    I think the wrestling quality is really good, a lot of the finishers are really high risk and look real. Carbon Footprint (Matt Morgan) is my favourite. Crimson, Angle and RVD are great at superplex's too.
  16. Yeah no surprise really. Every time I've watched TNA Angle has been in the main event, I don't care though because even at his age he's still an incredible wrestler. Never seen Crimson or Matt Morgan. I've heard so many good things about Roode, watched him a couple of times too. I enjoy Mr Anderson's promos, as I always have.
  17. Crimson is undefeated since he joined over a year ago, Morgan is his partner. Here they are winning the tag titles on their first match together (nice superplex by Crimson and Morgan finisher is great too)

  18. Wow, they're huge. Morgan moves around great for a guy his size, looks pretty green in the ring though.
  19. Yeah he is green, if they could develop him into a decent wrestler he could be better. I don't think he has a "gimmick" as such either. I'd maybe place a manager on him and turn him into a Rocky 4 type guy (The russian).
  20. Eric Bischoff and Hogan still run things behind the scenes. On screen Sting is the authority figure. I think those two are just a dent in the companies payroll. TNA could hire better wrestlers if they quit wasting money on washed up wrestling personalities.

    Keep Sting, but get rid of Bischoff, Hogan, Flair. Bring in Paul Heyman to work behind the scenes and he would do a better job then Bischoff and the company would save money.

    Then you would have the budget to raid the independent scene or bring some international stars and get closer to competing with WWE. Which even then they wouldn't be close to competing.

    What works for them right now is the deals they have with AAA, CMLL from Mexico.

    Regarding AJ he seems to have gotten a bit of a push as of late facing Roode for the world title and he seems to have a lot of loyalty for TNA. I'm not sure he would jump ship.

    Samoa Joe's situation is different as he has been depushed and not really been given much attention as of late. I think he could possibly make the jump in the future to the WWE when his contract expires.