Will an I5 processor be enough to run this site?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Rysenberg, Jul 31, 2012.

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  1. I know it's meant to be one of the new processors but will it be enough to run this site? I want to get a new computer with it but this site seems to be slower and with lots of statuses gathering I'm not sure it will be good enough?

    I'm tagging @[Jonathan] as he seems to be pretty knowledgable in these areas.
  2. Yes it will.
  3. It wont ever. You have to downgrade at least twice.
  4. It would be made a lot simpler if Crayo and Xanth just listened to Jonathan and deleted the statuses tbh.
  5. dude you could access this site with a fucking cheap ass processor

    come to me with questions like this ask this idiot : @[Crayo]
  6. @[Jonathan] can you confirm what Mike said is correct?
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  7. My processor is lower than an I5 and I run this site perfectly. :emoji_slight_smile: You will be fine.
  8. I'm sorry but you need to stop listening to Jonathan lmao :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.

    Site isn't going slower because of them at all, it has barely any impact on our server or site speed. The site will continue to get slower the more traffic we get. Every month we're getting more and more visitors, that's more and more simultaneous hits on our forum. To answer your question, yes, it will be completely fine.

    What Mike said is correct. Most of the users here probably have a lot worse than an i5.
  9. I have an I3 and it runs perfectly.
  10. Well first off, of course having a lot more status' collected is going to increase server load Crayo. Saying it wouldn't is just being ignorant as to how things work.

    Boosting your processor isn't really going to help the loading speed of the site.

    If you mean your browser crashes/lags when you load the site then yes, an i5 would completely handle it.
    If you mean the site takes a long time to load, that's just your internet and has no relevance to your processor.

    If it's the first one, and i5 and/or 4GB of RAM will be plenty to load the site lag free.
    If it's the second one, upgrade your internet to fibre optic (if it's available in your area.)

    If you need any more help feel free to PM me.
  11. Thank you, you're such a god <3

    Edit - Crayo you should listen to him, the status box clearly needs emptied and it could be detrimental to the site if it isn't.
  12. I agree, the site has been really slow for me since the last few have been posted. I demand you clear them Crayo.
  13. No problem :dawg:

    Can't tell if trolling or...
  14. This is a serious matter which needs solving, Jonathan attack the server :tough:
  15. Definitely trolling now.

    No way I'd attack the server. Crayo has my IP.
  16. How very dare you accuse me of this act :tough:
  17. Away to take Dudley out for a walk, this shit better be fixed when I come back.

    Couldn't we just hire Jonathan as a developer to sort these kind of issues ?
  18. Being double trolled.

  19. I second this, immediately this needs to take place.
  20. You're both faggots. :upset:
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