Will Axel become IC Champion?

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  1. Do you think he will? If he does, is it too much too soon? Or is the title actually a bad thing to give him given the way WWE book it?
  2. I'm not entirely sure if he'll win. But I think giving him the strap is a little too soon, also to what extent is he involved with the Triple H & Vince Storyline which is currently running? Vince McMahon teased a possible match with Curtis Axel & Triple H on Monday (Although Triple H played it down), Now if Curtis wins the title on Sunday It's likely he'll get buried or look weak on Monday by Trips?
  3. I think having Heyman involved in the IC title scene could genuine be a massive boost for the title. There's always talk about how a credible guy can make the IC/US title relevant again, but I think Heyman can genuinely sell it well.
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  4. Giving a guy who's obviously getting a push from management will be a definite plus for the title and Axel himself. They want to push him, so he'll be winning a lot of matches and in turn, making the IC championship something to be desired again. This also makes Axel a viable threat to the WWE title in a few months. I'd prefer that they keep the belt on him close to a year before moving him up though.
  5. Well, since they're booking him strong it'll give the title credibility until he jobs to Kofi or something in a few months.
  6. I think Triple H is costing Axel the match somehow. Barrett will probably retain with a pin fall over Miz or something.

    We're obviously about to get a full blown Triple H/Axel feud soon and I don't see why or how the Intercontinental Championship would be apart of that. It makes sense for Axel to win the title later at some point though, given his father's history with the title.

    However, going from beating HHH to winning the IC Title later DOES seem like a bit of a step down though kayfabe wise, doesn't it? It makes me fear that Axel would end up jobbing to Triple H in their eventual actual match.
  7. Yes, yes he will. :obama: (Or I think he will, anyway.) I refer to some of the points mentioned by Senhor and Albin since there's really no point in regurgitating them, but yeah.
  8. especially with how he has been booked so far. He hasn't pinned a main event player but has won every single time, giving a huge boost to cred, as he can compete/outdo the HHH's and Cena's.
  9. I hope not, the kid has been pretty dull thus far and the title is meaningless at this point. Unless he feuds over it with H to boost it's credibility I'm not keen on him holding any title.
  10. I hope Axel takes it. I'm drawn to him every time I hear his music so it'd be awesome to have an IC champion with Paul Heyman as the manager.
  11. I think he will. I'm pretty sure it would have been fandango winning if he didn't hurt his melon. That's the way the cookie crumbles
  12. Sure he will. Sooner or later he'll be the IC champion. He's with Heyman so I think that's another think to take care about
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