Will Ba succeed at Chelsea, and where will he play?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. Title says it all really. The move seems done. Will he succeed? Where does he play? Where does Torres go?
  2. He'll be a back up, wouldn't expect him to tear up any treesm
  3. I already mentioned this before. Ba is a Drogba type player, he can lead the line by himself which torres cant. I think he will be more successful than Torres if he gets enough playing time. Hes strong, he can hold the ball up, hes good in the air, hes a target man. I can see torres being sold next season unless he does something exxtraordinery this season.
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  5. Re: RE: Will Ba succeed at Chelsea, and where will he play?

    What is your view on Lukaku? He's very similar to Drog imo.
  6. I havent watched enough of him so cant comment.


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  7. Lukaku has all the physical talent to be like Drogba, but he hasn't utilized it. Drogba was an animal, someone you would be terrified to play against because of his strength and pace, Lukaku just doesn't dominate like Drogba does. Ba is a decent lone striker, but he plays nothing like Drogba either. I think he can be a success yes, but to compare him to one of the greatest PL strikers of all time is ridiculous.
  8. Im not comparing Ba with Drogba, im just saying his playing style is similar to Drogba's. And i believe he can replace Drogba if he utilizes his talent and gets enough playing time in the first team. Drogba wasnt that big a legend before he came to Chelsea, he grew into one at Chelsea with all the world class midfielders behind him. Ba didnt have too many world class midfielders behind him either at Newcastle still proved himself, i would like to see if he can become world class with all the great midfielders he will be having behind him now.

    Btw, if rumours are true, Villa is leaving Barca and most likely travelling to Juventus, PSG, Man City or Arsenal.
  9. I find it hard to believe you were an committed watcher of the French league when Drogba was at Marseille, because I was, and he was stupidly good there as well. You knew he had something special any time you watched him.

    Demba Ba has Cabaye & Tiote, two class midfielders in their own right.
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  12. Legit got a semi. Pumped.
  13. I wasnt a commited watcher of the French league but i watched almost every match of Marseille and Lyon. He was good there, just like Ba has been good at Newcastle so far. But what he wasnt, was great. He became great, one of the greatest of all times, once he joined Chelsea.


    I think i already answered your question :smug:
  14. Well duh, it's pretty much impossible to become one of the greatest players ever at a relatively small club.
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