Will be a bit less active for a few days.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Feb 14, 2012.

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  1. Long story short my PC is messed up and I'm getting a new one. I needed a new one anyway as I wanted to do more things with it which my current one was restricting.

    I was pretty worried as I forgot I had this terrible netbook lying around the house and we have server bills due in like 2 days and Xanth taking over would give me a heart attack, as WF would be gone within an hour.

    PC should be here within a few days if things go my way, extra effort from our loyal members will definitely help to keep activity sort of the same.

    My god this netbook is terrible.
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  3. It's about time.
  4. Hey, I'd be good if I took over.
  5. @[Xanth] taking over WWE Forums would be like John Lauranitus taking over RAW.
    You choose whether it's an insult or a compliment.
  6. I'll be sure to help out and create some activity Cwayo <3
  7. Lol wasn't Linux though that contributed. Forgot to allocate the deleted partition to Windows so was left on grub_rescue for ages trying to get in. Finally worked it but PC has literally worked its course. Quite old anyway, and is receiving the good old "just quit" blue screens.

    Plus I want to be able to do more on it.

    Xanth taking over would never happen dw :emoji_wink:. He'll always be UID 3

  8. I second this even though i hate you.
  9. It'll happen when I kill you and your family. Oh wait... the site will go to Anon, because I'M FUCKING UID3.
  10. I'd run this site. I like wrestling.

  11. :laugh:
  12. No wonder the site isn't getting any posts today. Most of the last posts were made in the morning or 4+ hours ago.
  13. this place is dead
  14. Yo, my man Crayo, you'll be missed. Come back ASAP! These guys are out of control.
  15. I think me and @[seabs] should run things for 3 days. Me ans seabs would make an excellent team.
  16. You take one, I'll take the other?

  17. I agree.
  18. Lol all are mad. Should be getting a decent PC soon. @[Dolph'sZiggler] loved RAW this week.
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