Will Big Show interrupt at HIAC?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Kio, Oct 17, 2013.

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  1. Well it's almost certain Big Show will interrupt during the WWE Championship match at hell in a cell match seeing all his interruptions in RAW and Smackdown. THough will he actually? What do say?
  2. I dunno. I think he did it on Smackdown to repay the Rhodes for KO'ing their daddy. RAW and the PPV were "payback" obviously. Not sure if we'll see him do it again.

    If WWE wanted to make a big deal out of it I say they have the Orton v Bryan match in the cell to make sure Big Show can't interfere. But then maybe he would just rip his way into the cage (which I would mark for!).
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  3. I doubt it. The only possible interference would be from HBK, and even if he did hit a sweet chin music, it's unlikey that it would win the match for either Orton or Bryan IMO.

    There was shitty endings to the last two PPVs, making me think that we will see a definitive result at HIAC. Hopefully, Bryan wins clean, doesn't have to defend at SS because he's in the 5v5 and then goes onto a new feud.
  4. Show won't interfere in the actual match. The cell's placement around the ring is to keep people out and Big Show has no reason to help either Bryan (who can handle Orton on his own) or Orton (whom he hates) to win.

    What I see happening, and the closet we'll get to 'interference' in the match, is The Shield running out at the end when Orton is in a crucial spot (a bad one) to try and break into the cell with bolt cutters. But then Cody, Goldust and probably Ziggler come out and start brawling with them (I see that six man tag match being booked for HIAC) and Big Show then arrives out of nowhere and helps to outnumber The Shield in a big way and helps put all three of them down. I quite like the image of all this carnage going on on the outside while Bryan and Orton still go at it inside the cell. And then Bryan puts Orton down and wins the WWE Title. The show ends with Michaels/Show/Cody/Goldust/Ziggler (i.e all the main people who have been in this fight with Bryan against the HHH authority the past couple of months, plus the guy who trained him) all in the ring celebrating Bryan's title win by lifting him on their shoulders while he raises the belt in the air and the whole arena chants Yes (that'll be the big image on wwe.com.) PPV ends with HHH and Stephanie fuming at the entrance way.

    If they do a 5-on-5 elimination match for Survivor Series, there's your possible babyface team - Bryan, Ziggler, Rhodes, Goldust, Show.
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  5. I doubt it, if there's interference to help Orton it'll come from HBK.
  6. I think Big Show will stay out of it. I think of anything HBK will have a lot to do with the outcome of the match.
  7. I think he won't. He's already done it at Battleground and Raw and Smackdown. The cell will keep him out anyway. Unless he pulls a Kane and pulls the door out.
  8. I can see Big Show coming in and knocking out HBK to get Triple H's attention
  9. Aslong as Big Show isn't in the main event, I don't mind really who he knocks out :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:! If he manages to get in the cell, then it just seems a little pointless.
  10. I would mark if Show interferes and HBK hits him with the Sweet Chin Music for some reason.
  11. I don`t think that he will but it would be awesome if when he tries to interfere, HBK Would hit him with the sweet chin music
  12. I don't see it happening, now that Shawn Michaels is the ref, they don't need some 7 foot useless giant getting involved.
  13. What if he interfered in the Tag Team rematch (I'm assuming this will happen at HIAC) rather than the WWE Title match? Or interfered in a match for the US Title, assisting whoever to beat Dean Ambrose?

    Would that be more stomachable or less stomachable (I don't think "stomachable" is an actual word, but I digress)?

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  14. I would mark out so hard for that. They should gimmick the door so Big Show can knock it off with a KO Punch.
  15. That is a good idea to untitle The Shield and continue with the storyline
  16. Actually, I find him interfering with the US Title match more probable than interfering with the WWE Title match.

  17. What's he going to do? Bang on the cage and scream his lungs out? Come to think of it; *that* would be funny<g.>
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  18. I sure hope not. I'd like the win to be clean at HIAC whoever happens to get the victory. If anyone would get involved, I could see it being HBK if he turned heel.
  19. Wait, maybe Triple H will try to interfere, and be stopped by either The Big Show, or HBK? Or both?
  20. That's also a strong possibility. Based on the current angle, I wouldn't be surprised if HHH and/or Stephanie try to influence the outcome of the match. I'd like to see Daniel Bryan be champion but we'll see how it turns out.
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