Will Big Show sell the punt?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 20, 2013.

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  1. Last night Orton used the punt move which historically has put superstars out for months, and is a banned move in kayfabe and out of kayfabe (so I read). Will Big Show sell it and not be at tonight's RAW? Or will he appear and use it to continue the most exciting feud in WWE history.
  2. The punt was a feud ender even when it was more common, so one would have to assume that now that it is less common it would be even more of a feud ender. Of all the feuds last night, this is the one that most needs to be dead and over after the PPV.
  3. Doubt it. I don't recall him having any issue walking out on his own or the commentators making a deal out of it, so don't expect to see it made into a deal on Raw tonight. It was just an extra move Orton had to pull out to put Big Show down.

    Although with mentioning Dolph Ziggler's concussion that he sustained from a less harsh kick from Swagger, it would be interesting to see Big Show out for a week or two. It could be an opening for Orton to get some edge back to his Viper character, putting a big man like that out. Orton could talk about how Big Show can put people out cold with his hands, but he can do it just as well with his feet.
  4. I don't think he will just because it's Big Show, they don't want him to look totally weak.
  5. i thought, or so i thought, the punt was banned, maybe i mistaken it for another move?
    anyways, big show is the kinda guy who acts "big and bad" so why would he sell it, lol
  6. I like 'big and bad' being in quotes as if Big Show isn't actually big and bad lol.
  7. I am bored of the Big Show...he seems to be moving slower and slower and slloowwwwwwerrr these days.
  8. He moves incredibly well for a man of his age and size. If anything some of the matches he has put on lately have shown me that he could continue being a productive worker for years to come.

  9. We will have to agree to disagree :emoji_slight_smile:, I like the Big Show and I've always loved the big ones (oooerr). Kane, Taker, Nash, Adam Bomb, Yoko, all the big guns :emoji_slight_smile:. But for me I just feel like I've seen enough of the Big Show, that may be what is swaying it for me!
  10. No, he'll probably begin another boring feud with someone else on Raw. Or squash someone randomly, maybe a filler tag team match as well. Who knows
  11. Show will call this guy ---> :otunga:

    And take some legal actions against this one----> :nogusta:
  12. Well, looks like Show sold it. Nice.
  13. Fixed.
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  14. I was wrong, good. Really hope he stays out for a long, long time.
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