Will bringing back Batista be a good draw?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by catlady, Jan 6, 2014.

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  1. I was thinking about it, and while I didn't see all of his stuff, from what I remember, people loved to hate him. Will bringing him back give wwe better ratings/draw more crowds? (not that they need them! lol)
  2. I think he could be a good draw, depending on how they use him. I think he should be in the world title scene a bit at least sometime in the first few months during his return since he'll be returning, and I have heard a lot of talk about people liking Batista. I don't think he'll be a huge draw, but I think he'll draw in a bit of good people.
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  3. He's gonna be a good draw. People are gonna mark their tits off when his theme hits.
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  4. I think his return will initially bring in some more fans, but it depends on his character and the storyline if people are going to continue watching.
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  5. He's a big name so I think that alone will make him a draw. Batista and Lesnar will bring back some of the old fans that may have left when they left the company. I don't know what Batista's role will be but hopefully they utilize him well.
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  6. Of course. The 20th Jan RAW will be one of the most-watched episodes of the year and Rumble buy-rate will increase too. Batista is one of the few stars that WWE have made that weren't involved in the AE. It's a huge return.
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  7. No it'll be terrible. Nothing hurts ratings more than bringing back awesome world champions who powerbomb the shit out of people.
  8. It'll definitely create interest at first but it all depends on how they use him after that. He definitely won't be a Rock-like draw but he'll bring in at least some extra numbers (at least for a little while) and you can almost be certain they'll put the world title on him to capitalize on his popularity and return as much as possible.
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  9. It'll definitely be a good draw, I hope they use him to make one of the younger superstars look good though.
  10. I hope he come as heel. And help to push some new guys.
    I can imagine how good that would be, a match between he and Roman Reigns. (Good for Reigns of course).
  11. They way they are packaging him, seems like he will be a heel. (playin it off like we should cheer his arrival) It depends on where they go with him though.

    Also... Am I the only one who keeps confusing this dude with Jono? lmao
  12. Short term: Yes, most big returns tend to give at least a short term jump in the ratings.
    Long term depends entirely on what they do with him.
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  13. Who?
  14. Vaginathon, another user from this forum
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  15. Why you guys are confusing he with me? His english sucks too?
  16. Usernames are spelled the same minus the last letter
  17. That should be Jonathan, right?
  18. He is just a sucky Englishman.
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