WIll Brock be there next week?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 10, 2012.

  1. Since he appeared 4 times in April and he's only required to appear twice, do you think we'll see him at all in May?
  2. I think we will see more of Heyman and if Brock appears in May it will be as a run in at OTL attacking someone but that would ruin the Brock V HHH build. Maybe he will be via satellite. I think he will stay away though to build up a epic return in time for Summerslam.
  3. My fear is what you've said. Not appearing until it's time for HHH vs Brock. Apparently, that isn't happening at Summerslam.
  4. It depends on how the contract was worded. If it stated he had to appear twice per month on average, or at least twice per month.

    Personally I think WWE is retarded if they don't have him in a match on every PPV card for the year that they have him. It would be thrown together and rushed obviously, but I would have him involved with someone on the go home show to set up some sort of match for OTL.
  5. Not a fan of rushed feuds but with Brock, his "I don't care about WWE" gimmick it could work. He could just return on Monday, beat the crap out of X to make a statement, X wants to fight him at OTL, gets completely raped.
  6. Exactly. Nobody likes rushed feuds, but it's better than Brock not being on the card. I have no expectations of this happening, though. WWE isn't smart enough to realize 'hey, we only have this guy for 1 year, or 12 PPVs, we should probably make sure he's on every PPV card!'
  7. To be honest OTL is going to suck so I'm hoping they chuck him on there in desperation.
  8. Totally agreed. If nothing else he better at least make a surprise appearance.. A random beatdown or an appearance with Pauly.. something.

    I haven't been less excited for any PPV, be it UFC, WWE, or TNA, in idk how long. Such a fucksucky card with fucksucky build

    Punk/Bryan can't save this shit.

    edit: one thing that COULD save it would be DB beating Punk, and then Brock coming out and beating the shit out of both of them, setting up a DB/Brock feud. That would be sexy
  9. That would be very sexy. Would be a good way to utilize the inevitable face turn. And if the rumours of HHH and Brock not being a Summerslam feud (IE, being after that) then in the mean time Brock vs DB would be sweet.

    Normally on cards I thought were going to suck have pleasantly surprised me with a semi-decent show. But I thought the same for RAW this week and we all know how bad that was.
  10. Yea, the 'bad card on paper turning out to be a great card' is basically a rule of thumb for MMA. I haven't noticed it as much with wrestling PPVs though.
  11. As far as I recall, he has a set amount of dates per year, not per month.
    So for example he may only appear once in May and once in June, then do 2/month etc.

    And now with Paul Heyman, who knows.

    And of course, they can always pay him more for extra appearances.
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