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With Brock Lesnar’s WWE deal set to expire after WrestleMania 34 in New Orleans, there has been speculation that he may not want to sign a new deal with WWE because he’s already made enough money to retire. However, the doesn’t appear to be the case.

When Dave Meltzer was recently questioned on Wrestling Observer Radio regarding Lesnar’s future with WWE, he indicated that Lesnar would continue to work for the company.

“I’m presuming that they’ll keep it going,” said Dave regarding Lesnar’s contract. “Why would — as far as from his perspective why wouldn’t he? And from [WWE’s] perspective…I mean, I don’t know but they don’t like losing top guys so I would think they’ll keep him. And I would think for that kind of money for his schedule I don’t see [Lesnar] turning that down. I think he probably loves his job. Because it’s on his terms and he’s making a ton of money.”

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I think he will stay. He will be 40. But he is still in great shape and with the light schedule he has and the money they will give him he would be a fool not too

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