Will Brock stay longer than a year?

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  1. So I was thinking If Brock is happy with how things go in the next year in WWE do you think he will stay longer than a year?

    It be awesome if he stayed longer as he is an incredible performer. He can make money and so can WWE. Let him have an easy schedule and that would probably make him stay

    It be a shame if come next year he just decides that a year is enough then leaves for good as he can do alot for WWE hes only 34 right now which isnt old

    Your thoughts?
  2. There's a chance, but nobody can know at this point, not even Brock himself. I hope he does.
  3. I'd welcome it, not sure if it would happen but I'd love him to.
  4. Not sure it'd happen but if he can agree a workable deal with the WWE so he puts in enough appearences on a reduced schedule which suits him and them then I'm all for it as the guy is a talent.
  5. I want him too, but no I don't think he will. He's not passionate about WWE or the fans, he's literally here for the pay check which is fine. After he gets his $5m at the end of the year (rumoured contract salary) he'll be gone. That's my opinion anyway.
  6. I agree but despite the money he's going to need something after WWE so hopefully as I say it could happen if they can reach a deal that suits them both.
  7. even if he is in it just for the money, which is entirely possible, why would he want to turn down another 5 million dollar salary for next year? You have a limited time frame to be able and make that type of money, so what would be stopping him?
  8. Good question. My guess would be his family (even on a limited schedule) and the fact he has no care/love for the WWE.
  9. His family is more of a reason to stick around on a limited schedule to earn 5 million more for not doing too much of anything. Like I said Brock has to know that he has a very short term opportunity to make this type of money, so why would he walk away from it when he is more or less in a wrestlers prime earning years? By the time he is 40 or 50 he will be lucky to make 1/100 of that money in a year, so you got to get while the gettins good.
  10. THIS.

    Precisely my point if he does a year what then?

    Yeah his family but why not make another few years of 5mil then relax with his family he's young plenty of time for that later.
  11. Would he seriously turn down another pay check though? he does have a family to look after his wife and 3 kids

    As a fan of his I would be so happy if he stayed longer. I would be gutted though if he left. Brock can do so much more for the business even on a part time schedule
  12. Considering he made $400k every UFC fight just by getting in the octagon, not including sponsors etc etc I'm pretty sure he's well off :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  13. True but if he's such a family man 5 mill a year for a few years has to be tempting to set them up for life and hey four years and retire still get plenty of time with your wife.
  14. $1m alone can set you up for life. He probably has multiple millions already. But yeah it's possible he can stay unless he moves on to other things, he's young, in shape and incredibly marketable.
  15. Precisely I think he may hit end of the year or near it realise that he aint got much to do and stay a while longer I mean no matter how much money you have in my eyes you still have to do some form of work as despite being able to do anything boredom would eventually set in. Thats how I see it anyways.
  16. I don't think he will. Even after the salary that he's getting for this year, they are still negotiating about his appearances. He said he doesn't want too many appearances.

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  17. Anyone would be mad to turn down a big pay check for another year or more work. Im hopeing Brock realises in this year that he could stay longer and make himself bigger than his first run and also make WWE bigger. Im sure management will be sweet talking him all year long and getting him to stay longer I dont think they would stand by and see him go after year not with the impact he will make. WWE as a business needs money and thats where Brock comes in and Brock needs money so everyones a winner. Brock could wrestle for a few more years hes not even near hanging up his boots yet
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