Will Bryan join the Wyatts?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Trip in the Head, Dec 10, 2013.

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  1. Your thoughts? What would you like to see happen? I want to say yes because I like the idea of the four of them vs the corporation (or anyone for that matter), but I don't think it will actually happen.
  2. he certainly has the beard to fit in
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  3. he certainly has the beard to fit in
  4. To be honest, I don't think it will happen. Quite frankly I hope it doesn't
  5. Absolutely not. They're not even really teasing it at this point.

    If Bryan "sold his soul" to anyone, I'd rather he just offered his services to The Authority and took on a more corporate image like they tried to get him to do earlier this year. (Not that I'd necessarily want to see that either, but I'd take that over joining the Wyatts.) But Bryan still is popular and has momentum as a babyface, so there's no point in turning him heel in any capacity.
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  6. Not teasing to it? I just watched Smackdwn, which ended with the Wyatts asking, and then RAW, which started with them bugging him for an answer again. I mean, he had the crowd doing a furious NO! chant after they vanished form the titantron, but they are hinting at something for TLC. But I do agree that he is too much of a babyface to go heel at this point. I'm so intrigued as to what is going to happen with this storyline at the PPV. I'd probably be disappointed if I had your guys' standards, but I'm easily entertained I guess.
  7. I mean teasing it to the point where you think there's literally an equally probable chance of him joining as not. I haven't once considered that he's actually gonna join them because all the signs point in the opposite direction.

    The Wyatt feud almost feels like a nuisance at this point for Bryan anyway. Bryan's already wrestling Orton and talking about being next in line for a WWE Title shot, now he's sharing segments with Shawn Michaels, John Cena and the Authority again, etc. WWE probably can't wait until they get this feud with the Wyatts out of the way at TLC.
  8. It's hard to say, he's so over it wouldn't make much sense from wwe's position, but certainly would from ours.
    If there was any consistency in this kidnapping thing, it'd be easier to guess.. if Kane is anything to go by, he may end up joining the authority
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  9. I would like him to join them, but not right now when he is a really big face.
  10. no chance in hell.
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  11. I hope they do it and Bryan then wins the title at WM as a heel.
  12. :no: Cena wins title and Bryan is all like "yo, :yes: I beat you :yes: Guess who deserves a match? ME :yes:"
  13. Uhhhh no. He has waay too much momentum as a face. I don't like the idea of him joining the Wyatts. Just no bro
  14. If he does, they should call themselves something with "beard" in it.

    Dead Man Walkin'
  15. That would be lame. As cool as The Wyatts are, they're a huge step down from the WWE title picture where Bryan belongs. And lol @ him winning the title as a Wyatt, that kinda buries Bray a bit doesn't it? (K maybe not bury but you get me) If some angle happened, wouldn't Bray (THE LEADER) be going for the title? :dawg:
  16. I don't see it happening. Bryan is so over right now as a face that the company would be insane to take him out of this gimmick. He's great as the underdog face that everyone loves and gets a huge pop every time he comes out on stage or hits the ring. At this point, I see him in a major storyline arc as probably the main superstar in opposition with the Wyatt Family. I like it that way since it continues to put over Bryan and the Wyatt Family in their own way.
  17. Bryan is too big a face for him to join a heel stable at the moment. If by chance he does "join" the Wyatts I can see him doing that to turn on them at an opportune time to screw them over.
  18. Who called it guys? Took just over 3 weeks, but it finally happened. And I was marking like a bitch.
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  19. Bryan will use the Wyatts to win the RR. Then reveal he only joined them to destroy them "From inside"
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    I think it's just all a facade for now, Bryan is just gonna use this as an opportunity to get close to Bray. Bray is gonna end up trusting him and he along with Harper, and Rowan are going to help him in the Rumble match. They'll probably end being the last two, and that's when Bryan will strike. That would make for a good ending to the Royal Rumble imo.

    Edit: This reminds me a lot of when Kane was trying to get Cena to "embrace the hate" at the end of 2011, it seems as though Cena was actually going to accept, and embrace the hate, but he ended up staying good and defeating Kane. I can imagine this going to a bit of a further extent, but with the same outcome.
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