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  1. *Antonio pulls up to the arena in his car, he walks into the arena to a huge pop of of the extreme fans who are waiting outside the arena. Antonio makes his way to his personal locker room. He gets there and waits a few seconds before beginning to speak*
    Well, I wonder what's gonna happen tonight, actually I already have an idea.
    *Will Neilson is recording a pre interview segment for the show*
    Tom: Hello ladies and gentlemen I'm joined here buy Will Neilson, so Will we wanted your opinion on Antonio Stark joining Saturday Night Precision, we all know the history between you from the indies care to share your thoughts on the situation
    Will: Well Actually I don't really mind him joining the roster. However what I do mind is him getting special treatment. I mean he gets a personal driver, a personal locker room, special food, etc. I know management are trying to keep him around and that his contract conditions are very different to mine but I mean
    *Before Will can finish his answer Antonio appears on the left side of the screen, looking quite happy*

    Will mate, how's it going? I was just overhearing you saying about our history, I just wanna make one thing clear. Our past don't matter here, whatever happened or didn't happen I just wanna be able to put it behind us, what do you say?
    *Antonio offers out his hand to Will and Will is a little hesitant. After a small stare down Will shakes Antonios hand. Antonio looks at Will for about 5 Seconds before scooping him up on his shoulders and hitting his throw roundhouse kick. Antonio looks at Will and says under his breath.*
    Big mistake kiddo, I don't forget
    *The camera Fades out and the screen goes black*
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