Will Bully Ray ever win the title?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Crayo, Jun 24, 2012.

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  1. The world title, will the man with the best calves in the world ever win it?
  2. I'd rather not, he's a great heel one of the best in mainstream wrestling with his ability on the stick and working the crowd but he's not what they need. TNA need the younger talent to take the torch, I'm against any 40+ talent holding the title now, even Angle and Daniels. Give him the TV title.
  3. Bully is were he needs to be right now in his career. Putting the younger guys over. Granted Joseph Parks isn't young talent but that feud is so great I just cannot complain.
  4. Although i agree that he doesn't need it. Id mark out harder then a 14 year old fat girl who just won tickets to the all you can eat ice cream buffet / Justin Beiber concert..

    yeah, that hard!!

    Bully deserves it for all he's done
  5. i HOPE SO
  6. I hate thank you reigns though. But I must admit a Ray reign would be damn entertaining.
  7. I... honestly can't see it happening. The new creative regime loves the long heel title reigns, and a long title reign from Bully Ray doesn't seem to have a point.

    But if Storm drops it to Bully next year... Bully can bring back the magic that we saw at Sacrifice and make A-Double look like a boss.
  8. Nah. He's perfect doing what he's doing. A win over Bully gives a guy credibility, and even though he never wins Bully doesn't lose credibility.

    Nice sig btw.
  9. Hopefully, he's the best heel in the world, and him or Daniels should dethrone James Storm somewhere in 2013.
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