Will Cara be back for Wrestlemania

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  2. Say what you want this match will be dope.
  3. Regardless of the feud being booked right or not the match itself should be very entertaining.
  4. Yeah, the match itself will work and be pretty entertaining, probably. The mask thing is nice too. Let's see if they can make it to WM.
  5. CBA with the shitty face vs face fued, but the match will be superb no doubt.
  6. Sin Cara will most likely be a heel.
  7. I don't think so. I think Cara is being lined up to replace Mysterio in future and that's the entire reason behind this fued.
  8. Pumped for this match, and definitely the promos... lol
  9. Neither will be a heel. It will be a Respect match for sure. And I don't see the mask thing happening.
  10. This can really put Cara over and give him respect among viewers that aren't familiar with him before wwe. Face vs. Face or Old Skool vs New Skool type deal would be great.
  11. I think the big question is will anybody.....cara :woo1:
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  12. Rey will be the heel.
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    How do you turn the eternal face heel? Also why, he's a legend who people love?
  14. Rey is no way turning heel.
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    A quick suggestion could Cara with a Spanish mouthpiece (RR) work out or is it just me? Say Ricardo was sick of being ADRS puppet so it ends with RR choosing Cara to take out ADR setting up Rey as ADRS manager to help establish him?
  16. I saw on PWI like 2 months ago that Rey would play the heel.
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    Don't believe the hype brah.
  18. I foresee many botches on the grandest stage of them all.
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    That most won't notice and they'll be the ones who enjoy the match rather than obsessing over Cara being a second out of sync on a scissor takedown in the 14th minute.

    Seriously the IWC has a weird obsession over botches, enjoy it.
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