Will Cena be loved in ten years time?

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  1. He gets massive hate - the majority being from the IWC and general smarks, but there's plenty of Rock hate from the IWC years back too, even during his peak years. Now he's practically the IWC darling, though he still has his haters but they're for completely different reasons.

    in 10 years time when there's a brand new head guy, will we all say we miss Cena? And when Cena inevitably makes his return to put someone over (or just return like Rock has), will we be marking our titties off?

  2. He won't get love from the people who hate him now; but the kids who grew up watching Cena will at that point be smarks posting on the IWC talking about how great Cena was.
  3. Probably a good point, I never thought of it like that. I wonder what the IWC will be like then, considering how fast it's grown in the space of 10 years to now, and with WWE going deeper into social media.
  4. Never going to truly happen unless he becomes a totally different fucking person because he isn't no Rock and sure as hell no Hulk Hogan.
  5. It will happen, trust me.

    Smarks in the 80s: This Hogan guy sucks dick. I miss the days of Samartino and Billy Graham
    Smarks in the mid 90s: Bret Hart? HBK? Screw these midgets, they can't touch Savage or Hogan. I'm going to watch WCW.
    Smarks during the AE: Wow these storylines make no sense. Rock only has 5 moves and Austin is stale. I miss the days of WRESTLING and not this entertainment shit

    so on and so forth. Smarks in the future will talk about how great Cena & Orton are and how terrible the current product is.
  6. I'm sorry but how is he none of those? He's both of those.
  7. Definitively. When we are old and gray the kids of today will be smarks and the new IWC and they will remember Cena with the nostalgia on in full force like we are today with the late 90's, AE and ruthless aggression eras.
  8. [​IMG]

    Awwwwwwwwwww here it go
  9. Why are you so much win?
  10. Yeah, I can just imagine the IWC in years....

    John Cena is a fucking 12 time WWE champion bitches, nobody else besides that old bastard HHH did it.

    EDIT: Don't know for sure if HHH did become a 12 time WWE champion.
  11. Cena will be loved when he retires, everyone gets love when they're gone because people remember mainly the good points. Take Austins career for example you remember the beer hose or stunning Vince, you don't remember him as the ringmaster.
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