Will Cena be remembered?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Franklin, Sep 28, 2012.

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  1. Will John Cena be remembered in wrestling history? I know this question sounds silly. Let me explain why I am asking this question.

    Let's look at pass legends such as The Rock, Stone Cold, and Hulk Hogan. Stone Cold has memorable rivalries with The Rock and Vince. The Rock has many memorable promos. Hulk has many memorable matches, tag teams, and the legendary NWO.

    What does John Cena has? John Cena doesn't have memorable moments. He hasn't been in any major storylines.

    Cena hasn't been in any memorable storylines. He's never been featured in a major storyline. Stone Cold was in one of the greatest storylines ever with Vince. Hogan's NWO storyline is huge at its time. Cena has nothing to compared with.

    Cena has the championships and is the face of the company. That's all he has going for him.
  2. What else does he need...
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  3. John Cena has been in numerous major story-lines... just last year for example with CM Punk.
    As much as he's hated on, he will always be remembered. He has had numerous great rivalries (Randy Orton, CM Punk, Batista) to name a few. He has also had his fair share of memorable promos.

    You say they have had numerous great matches/storylines/promos, but what makes them memorable? What they said, or who said it? If Zack Ryder had said the Austin 3:16 promo, it wouldn't of meant anything. It's the persona and character of the person that's doing the promo, not what they say. Most of the time, anyway.
  4. Despite not liking Cena I will have to disagree with you. Hogan and Austin had the best story lines for their time. Cena has had the best story lines for his time. The era he was brought up in may not be the most compelling, but his feuds are memorable. Right off the back you have Punk vs Cena, Cena vs Nexus, & of course Cena vs Rock.

    To say Cena will not remembered will be like saying 06' - to the present would not be remembered, and that's a large gap of time to forget.
  5. Cena is amongst the top 10 names in wrestling history, or course he will be remembered..
  6. Yeah, he'll be remembered. Just for being the face of the company for as long as he has he'd already be remembered.
  7. Cena holds the record for holding the wwe championship the most, that's just one of many things Cena can be rembered by, he'll also be remembered of his feud with Edge, Orton, Rock, and so many others.
  8. What a retarded question.
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  9. Now that I'm back home let me get into more detail about this :Boss1:

    John Cena will always be remembered, he has been the face for years, which means if you look back at history right now, you will see a lot of John Cena, thus people will remember him. John Cena was the man to end JBL's WWE Championship reign, which was the longest in Smackdown history, that's one memorable moment. John Cena won the Royal Rumble one year, that's another memorable moment. John Cena brought out the current WWE Championship design belt, which means if you look at the WWE Championship from anytime within the past years up until now, people will see that championship and wonder who would have made it, thus getting them to look up John Cena and he'll be remembered. John Cena is the man to hold the WWE Championship the most, that's a record holds. His memorable feud with Edge, and The Rock will always be remembered, especially with Edge since Edge cashed in the first Money in the Bank on John Cena. Also, John Cena lost the WWE Championship to Rob Van Dam on ECW: One Night Stand 2006, thus being the first time someone cashed in the Money in the Bank fairly, and was when the ECW Championship came back, so that's a memorable moment featuring John Cena. John Cena also feuded with the stable Nexus, which was a huge stable and made a great impact on the WWE, that's another moment. There are so many John Cena moments, yes he will be remembered, love him or hate him, he puts a lot of time into this business, and for that he gets a lot of time to make his name, so yes he will always be remembered.
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  10. He'll probably be remembered as one of the 5 top superstars (in terms of star power) of all time... but that'll come in an asterisk since it came in this era where the roster was so thin. (Mostly WWE's fault).
  11. Obviously, he will.
  12. What NWO Shawn Michaels said, basically. He has had memorable feuds with Edge, CM Punk, Orton, Batista, etc. He also had a dream match (even if the match sucked) with Rock that was built up for a year, and drew the second biggest pro wrestling (and Wrestlemania) buyrate of all time. He's had multiple championships and has been the face of the company for over half a decade. If he retired today, he'd be in the top 10 (if not top 5) wrestling superstars of all time.
  13. Why anyone is bothering to type a longwinded response in this thread is beyond me.
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    Because he asked a question and as a good member it's my duty to answer for post likes to give a good answer.
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  15. As the Godfather of likes, I find this to be an acceptable response.


    yea no kidding you hypothetical shithead, but he has 3X as many posts as I do as well.
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