Will Cena kick out of the WMD?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, May 26, 2012.

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  1. Yes or no?
  2. If they want to keep it realistic, no. He was hit by one WMD at OTL after getting almost no damage for the entire night, Ace took ages to pin him and he stayed down. If he kicks out of it at NWO it'll be unrealistic, but I can see it happening. Shouldn't happen, the only one to kick out of the WMD should be Ryback. :obama:
  3. Sure he will. Show will be lying on the mat for a minute, pin Cena, Cena kicks out at 2.5 sec's.

    Mark my words.
  4. Has anyone ever kicked out of the WMD?
  5. I don't think anyone has. But Cena can do anything, remember?
  6. Well, no one has ever kicked out from it, but I belive HHH and Cena continued were the only ones that "got up" from it, as they were in matches that don't end in pinfall and they ended up winning. Or something like that.
  7. Well, depending on the match stipulation, there might not be a reason to kick out.

    If it's one on one, Cena might get to the ropes or something and kick out.
  8. Cena kinda-sorta kicked out at WM25. WMD, Show fights with Edge for a little while, cover Cena, and let JR sell it like a boss. It was surprising then, but believable. So this time since it's a singles match, it would just be a punch, then cover...

    If Cena kicks out of this it would be laughably stupid, especially with the way he sold it on Raw. So, yes, it will happen. #wwelogic
  9. It would be stupid, since he got no damage in ACE/Cena and lost with 1 punch from show.
  10. Kicking out of the WMD should be something that never happened in a singles match, and used on Show's last run to put some youngster over big time.
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  11. I fucking hate the WMD finisher. But yeah I have a feeling Cena won't kick out of it. Distraction by ace + WMD = Show winning = Crayo raging.
  12. Yes, a punch that knocks out anyone... it's not the best finisher, for sure. In a perfect world, Show goes over and jobs to Ryback later on, but I think we'll see Cena win... again.
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  13. And nobody benefitting from it at all, except for *sigh* John Laurinaitis.

    Is it just me, or does using a PPV Main Event to get heat on an authority figure just seem wasteful? (Other than the Montreal Screwjob, of course)
  14. They don't need to give heat to Johnny, that's the annoying thing. I love this boss role but they're doing it so wrong. Also, in my opinion, Johnny's heat isn't and won't transfer into drawing ability. WWE refuse to believe that Johnny isn't going to keep people watching.

    The whole main event is fucking pointless. Look at Cena's last four opponents. You had a former star in The Rock. You had a former star in Lesnar. You had an almost fifty year old Big Johnny. And now, the ancient Show. The development of their young talent is so, so poor.
  15. They are definitely doing it wrong. Yeah, Ace is making us really dislike him, but how is that helping the wrestlers, you know, the guys who we actually pay to see? And how is Ace going to recieve his comeuppance for this mess? By losing a 5-on-5 match where a bunch of bad comedy-relief babyfaces go over a group of talented young heels so Teddy Long can run Raw and Smackdown? That would be a massive waste of time. Ugh.

    Even worse, it felt like the Cena vs Brock match was just a way to set up Cena vs Ace, which was just a way to set up Cena vs Show. Way to throw a dream match down the toilet... Lets hope they can quickly align someone else with Ace to throw at Cena (not Tensai, please), and eventually do something productive with this mess of a storyline.

    But isn't the match supposed to be in a cage? How will Ace interfere then? Ugh. Even more pointless. I guess this will set up some kind of angle going into Raw and MITB, but that's all we can hope for here.
  16. They'll find a way. It's predictable. A supposedly "big" heel turn for Big Show (he's turned heel/face so many fucking times) isn't losing imo. So they'll find a way to make it a win for Show but a dirty win. Jesus, Big Show is nearly fifty -.-.

    You're supposed to use your mega-heel GM to either put over a heel wrestler (aligned with mega-heel GM) or put over a face by losing to them. They're just doing this wrong.
  17. From what we've seen, Cena's matches seem to be going down in quality from PPV to PPV. Don't get your hopes up, if they align someone with Johnny to face Cena it'll probably be Tensai... So we'll see Cena vs Tensai in some PPV main event soon.
  18. I'm not sure, Cena vs Lesnar was epic.
  19. I'd say we'll get a handicap match (Ace and Show vs Cena) at MITB. It wouldn't make any sense, so that would keep the streak of the way they've booked Cena this entire year intact.
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