Will Cena play second fiddle?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by seabs, Mar 23, 2013.

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    Since he was drafted to Raw on an episode of The Highlight Reel on June 6th 2005 John Cena has been the man in the WWE, some of the part time talents have been larger than him such as Brock and Rock but it's always felt as they were coming into his world in short bursts before riding off again and letting him dominate the main scene in the WWE. There are many interviews on the internet saying he's an egotistical man, Alex Riley has hinted at it as has Michael Tarver in the past plus his many title reigns indicate that too, he could refuse a reign or being the main man on Raw I'm sure, him being in a minor role every so often wouldn't damage the company although it seems he does this in short bursts before re-entering into the scene.

    Now onto the purpose of the thread if someone surpassed Cena in popularity do you see him staying face and playing second fiddle?

    Would he turn heel or even take his ball and run home?
  2. He will eventually become a part time guy. People like Ryback , Daniel Bryan or Ziggler will be the faces of the company, pretty muc as its happening with HHH right now
  3. I'm hoping for the latter.
  4. I think he will only turn heel when someone is ready to take his place as the face of the company, there isn't anyone ready now so he isn't turning any time soon.
  5. I suppose he'll put said guy over, either by being a face, jobbing and playing second fiddle until he retires or turning heel, putting the guy over as a heel and being (probably the top) heel for the rest of his career.
  6. Cena is main event until he retires. Bottomline
  7. There's also reports of him being upset with Vince and creative about not building up newer stars properly and making the shows feel stagnant. I don't doubt that he has an ego, but I'd like someone more credible than Alex Riley and Michael Tarver to come forth with it before I start to believe that he's actually holding people down or is so arrogant that he would walk out of the company if he lost his spot to someone. He would still be a big name and play a pivotal role even if his days as baby face carrying the company are over. And yes, he won't turn heel until there's a new top baby face on the horizon.
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  8. While there's a few examples of this not being the case (seem to remember Smackdown's belt main-eventing a few shows, or WM25 where he took a backseat to Big Nose/Orton)... but after the way they shoved Cena down our throats last year, hurting themselves from a business standpoint and creatively castrating the product... unless something drastic happens it's safe to say that "same old shit" is going to continue until Cena's gone. No idea how much of it is Cena's fault though...
  9. I don't see this happening until Cena's ready to retire. He's going to keep getting booked and having a great following that will expect him to be demonstrating his skills on the mic and in the ring. As the face of the company I don't see him turning that over to another Superstar until he's ready to finish his career.
  10. Cena will main event until he retires, but if someone gets more popularity he'll become tweener like now he is (a little). He'll start with that "I don't care if people cheer or boo me" stuff and then he'll start like "because I come here because this is my life, my passion and I fight for the WWE universe who support me". The prove to this, the Road to Wrestlemania 28 and the post Wrestlemania weeks
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