Will Clay go back to his rightful gimmick?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. Before his debut on RAW he was a great monster heel, he played it really well. You can't say he doesn't have the look because in my opinion only Mark Henry has a better monster look than Clay.

    He's been jobbing for a while now and his momentum has completely gone after some pretty bad booking. However, these last couple years we've seen quite a few monster heels dominate, like Mark Henry, Big Show and Tensai for example. Is it too much too soon or?

  2. Apparently Vince has lost his shine for the funkasaurus and Cameron getting suspended likely didn't help. I say it is very likely.
  3. Heard rumors that they're going to turn him heel.
    But should first turn Big Show face so he can defeat him.
  4. Hopefully, his current gimmick sucks, Clay would be a awesome heel. Hopefully he could take over the role of Mark Henry once he retires.
  5. I think Brodus has staying power. He can be both a kids lovable giant and an imtimidating sinister monster. I for one kind of like that he can play both toles. Either way I'd like to know which Brodus I should be rooting for.
  6. It doesn't suck.
    It's just they have no plans with him in that gimmick.
    It's a success towards the younger audience though.
  7. Therefore I think it sucks, because I'm not a kid. From a financial perspective yeah it's a shit hot gimmick. But I'm speaking from my point of view and I think it's awful, corny, and bland.

    He would be better utilized as a monster heel.
  8. The gimmick itself doesn't suck. It was fun and refreshing at first.. they just never did anything worthwhile with him. Of course any gimmick will suck if it's the exact same entrance, match, celebration for 10 months. He had one feud that I can recall against DZ where he was a little different.. other than that, what? He's done nothing besides the exact same shit every week
  9. Brodus "Funk" < Brodus "Gna whoop yo ass"

    Case closed.

    His new gimmick was funny at first but now its just a joke.
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  10. John Cena covers the women and children category. He's funny, simple, and fun to cheer( & well, boo if your a dude)...We don't need another Cena! BRING ON THE HEELS!
  11. I agree with this. We've seen plenty of "monster heels" and they usually go nowhere. The gimmick was cheesy, but also very hilarious and refreshing, but like DZ said, they just didn't do shit with him. One second he's squashing jobbers and celebrating with children, and the next he's the one being squashed. :dafuq:
  12. Indeed, as D'Z said, they struck gold with it at first but then booked it into oblivion, with the same squashes every week. Although, if you're booking Brodus, it's good to know that he can play both the face and the heel, it'll be great for him in the long run. Answering the OP, yes, I'm sure that at some point Brodus will be back to being the monster heel he deserves to be.
  13. I like how Brodus can appeal to kids and adults, but they need to let him be more aggressive and have longer matches. Maybe get into a feud , shake things up a bit.
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