Will CM Punk debut the new WWE championship belt tonight?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Lacky, Sep 16, 2012.

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  1. Well, do you think CM Punk will debuted the new WWE Championship belt tonight?

    Surely there would be no greater place than your opponents home town to defeat him, and then ruin his custom made title?
  2. I tought about that, it could happen. Maybe he can present it tomorrow at Raw as well, who knows.
  3. I hope he does, been waiting ages to find out what it is.
  4. Me too, I'm looking forward to seeing the new belt as soon as possible.
  5. :win:
  6. If I was booking it I'd have Punk win, then have him cut a promo on John and Boston, absolutely destroy the championship belt and bring out a new one.

    What I think will happen though is Punk will debut it on RAW after NoC.
  7. I like that idea. :obama:
  8. Cena wins then punk says wait, that's not even the championship and brings out the new one, stays as WWE champion. Cena screwed in his hometown like Bret.
  9. Agreed.

  10. If I had to guess between tonight and tomorrow I'd say tomorrow.
  11. Wait wait what's this? Has there been any word on this?
  12. I'm really hoping for tonight, but I can wait till tomorrow.
  13. I just see it happening on Raw other than on a PPV for some reason...
  14. there was no new belt!!!! get rid of it already!
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