Will Daniel Bryan Ever Be In The WWE Hall Of Fame?

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  1. Simple question, One of the best in the world today, Will he be in the Hall Of Fame?

    I believe its possible, He has had a major spotlight on him in recent years and he is over as hell. Since 2011 he has been Mr MITB, WHC, Tag Team Champion for 7-8 months and WWE Champion twice.
  2. If Koko B Ware and Drew Carey can make it in, anyone can. That being said, if he can stick around for at least 5 more years near the top of the card, without ruffling any feathers, I think he'd be a lock.
  3. I'd say at this point there's a really good chance. Obviously that would be further down the road and anything could happen between now and then, but if things continue more or less as they have been for Bryan and he continues to excel, then he should be a shoe in at some point.
  4. This shouldn't even be a question. They induct guys that have had far less relevancy to the WWF/E (and the wrestling world as a whole) than Daniel Bryan already has, so of course he's a lock. Especially with him being as young as 32 and his main event push right now only just beginning.
  5. lmao this is worse than a blffl thread. 2 time wwe champion by the age of 32 and one of the most over guys of the PG era. err yeah i think so...
  6. Nah he's not worthy.
  7. How is this worse than a BLFFL thread? This thread has logic and is non idiotic. This thread is a discussion, No one can tell the future if he will be inducted or not.
  8. Why wouldn't he? He's proved why he deserves to there a lot of times.

  9. Unless he commits an unspeakable crime (i.e Benoit massacring his whole family) or offends Vince in a personal way and gets disowned the way Savage was (and even then, I'm not sure in regards to the latter), then it's pretty absolute he will be inducted into the HOF one day.
  10. You never know.

  11. :true: #WWElogic
  12. I do, actually. By all available evidence, there's no reason why Bryan wouldn't be inducted into the HOF when a whole lot less accomplished wrestlers have been.

  13. Exactly. "By all available evidence." Which means between now and the time period for when he may be inducted, something "could" happen to make him not be inducted. Is it likely? No. Is it possible? Yes. Therefore no one can say with 100% certainty what will or will not happen in the future; we can only speculate. Odds are great that he will be, because so many are anyway, including those less talented. But that doesn't mean something won't happen to cause him to not be inducted, either.
  14. Yes, he'll be inducted.
  15. If he doesn't make it... CM Punk wont... If Punk don't make it... Randy Orton wont... If Randy Orton doesn't make it... No one will care.
  16. It is very possible D-Bry will make it into the WWE Hall of Fame, as long as he can come out of this storyline as hot as he came into it. Plus, like Brit said, if he doesn't make it, Punk may not, and Punk has already had a solid career that is pretty HoF worthy.
  17. Punk will absolutely be a HOF'r who are the crackheads saying there is a chance he won't be?
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  18. This. Hell, his title reign alone would get him a spot considering the length of it. Punk is a shoe in, possibly even a headliner when his time comes. Not a matter of if.
  19. I was saying that is D-Bry don't make it, Punk wont either. So in other words... Both are making it in. No questions asked.
  20. Anybody can make it in to the WWE Hall of Fame. Bryan is a 2 time WWE Champions, and will have many more title reigns to come, not to mention he's one o the most over guys in the WWE right now. He's definitely HOF worthy.
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