Will Dolph cash in?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Zack Ryder, Feb 20, 2013.

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  1. Dolph Ziggler is the 2012 MITB winner, but will he cash in at WrestleMania? I think he should. Dolph is very talented that he could be the World Heavyweight Champion without having it being rewarded. Do you think he should or do you think he should on to the briefcase?
  2. I think he'll cash in at WM, yes. Not so sure but I still think so.
  3. I think he will at the end of the match.
  4. I think he will do it before WM, with Big E Langston he can do it whenever :woo::woo::woo:YKI
  5. I voted that he would cash in at MANIA!
  6. maybe sooner now after the who Jack Swagger arresed! We may see the Y2J vs. Figger for the World Champion after all!?
  7. I've been predicting since the start of the year that this would happen. It's the biggest place for it to happen, so can't see why they wouldn't go for it, even if it seems a little obvious. It seems it might even be the long term plan because Ziggler and Del Rio faced off on Raw, and I wonder if this was a hint that Ziggler would cash in successfully later (unlike on Raw.) Del Rio would probably just win the belt back a couple of months later, which I have no problem with as I prefer him as champion over Ziggler.
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  8. Dolph will do like a virgin and premature cash-in.
  9. Well with Swag fucking up horribly, i forsee WWE dropping his angle in 2 weeks max, and having Show take him out or something else equally horrible, setting up a 100% chance of Dolph cashing in on ADR at WM.
  10. I was talking with @"AidsJohnson" yesterday and he brought up a good point. Chances are the WHC match isn't going to be one of the main event matches. I think the WHC matches have actually been the 1st matches of the majority of this year's PPVs. If Dolph cashes in at mania I'd rather it be something big. If he cashes in I want it to be the last thing I see on my screen rather it being overshadowed by Rock vs Cena. If Dolph cashes in during the 1st match of mania it's going to suck because they'll probably make him defend it later in the night and lose it.
  11. I don't think he's going to cash it in because everyone's predicting he will and WWE will just do another swerve.
  12. I think he'll cash in on Swagger once ADR loses at mania, setting up a feud between the three after Mania.
  13. I can't see him still carrying the briefcase around after WrestleMania seeing as how there will be no more big PPV's between then and Money In The Bank so I'd say he;ll cash in before that or he will wait and cash in at WrestleMania.
  14. Damn right he should. Dude deseves it.

    He showed it once again on RAW against Ryback..
  15. I just have this horrible feeling he'll not cash in until MITB PPV this year...
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  16. [​IMG]


    But please no....:downer:
  17. Yes, I think they want to give him this huge moment of cashing in at WrestleMania, the question is will he cash in on Swagger or ADR?
  18. Is that possible? I think the rule was that he can cash until wrestlemania, not after the show
  19. He has one whole year, so he has until MITB 2013, but I think he will cash in at WM, waiting until MITB will be stupid and pointless.
  20. Jack Swagger defeats ADR to win the World Heavyweight Championship. Glenn Beck jumps the rail and drops Swagger. Dolph cashes in and win the title.
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