Will Dolph Ziggler win the World Heavyweight Championship at NWO?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Jose Tortilla, Jun 12, 2012.

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  1. Title says all.

    I hope he does, but we all know Sheamus is a top face in WWE.

    Added a poll to see some results.
    Post what you voted and why.
  2. Yes because Zigs the man
  3. God no.
  4. No he has the talent but needs more build, the performer is ready but the character? FUCK NO!
  5. His character is great, he just needs more tv time/exposure.
  6. That's kinda the point I was trying to make, he's not been built enough. What's he done of note in the past few months? Beyond winning last night.
  7. Booking wise he's been non-existent since dropping the US Title unless you are a fan of him being the 3rd wheel in the Punk/Ace feud. It's pathetic how bad WWE is about just forgetting about one of the best talents in the industry for months on end.
  8. I dunno if they're forgetting. If you want to be optimistic you can say Vince has recognised how god damn good Dolph is by feeding him to the stars he wants to make big at the moment and having him have 2 matches on most PPV's. I honestly think Dolph's push is inevitable - he's not old - plenty of time for him to shine.

  9. I would like to think his push is inevitable, but you never know with the morons we are talking about. Also I'm just an impatient guy.

  10. He won't win the WWE championship because of super shaemus. But he will win the wwe championship in 2013. Unless super shaemus/cena has it.
  11. Dolph has no shot at NWO.
    At least the match will be good (ignore the Devon vs Robbie E mention earlier, that was a joke)
  12. He won't win, but I think he'll win the briefcase next month. Then he has a whole year to carry that around (before cashing it in) and build himself back up as extremely credible with a pretty good winning streak before finally winning the world title.
  13. I voted no. because he's not.

    If the poll had have been 'do you want ziggler to win the heavyweight championship' then almost everyone would have said yes.
  14. I hope he does.

    Remember, Shawn Michaels won it in 1996, with a toy boy show stopper character.
    Dolph is the show off, his character could win it easily. Don't want Dolph with another character tbh.
  15. I would love to see Dolph win the World Title but unfortunately WWE won't see that Ziggler and Sheamus can hold a feud for 2 months. They'll think that giving the title to a heel with only one Baby face on the roster and nobody else to feud with would be a bad idea. Give Ziggler the title, Let him feud with Sheamus and then when Orton comes back him and Ziggler can feud or turn Swagger face and have him feud with Ziggler because Swagger feels Ziggler cost him the title.
  16. He has no chance, but I expect a great showing from him, he will look strong in defeat. I expect a MOTYC.
  17. The closest thing to a Ziggler win will be a not-clean loss. Hopefully Vickie accidentally costs him and he dumps her afterward
  18. He won't. As D'Z said, what I'm actually hoping will happen and is somewhat realistic is a "dirty" win from Sheamus with Vickie/Swagger interfering, which will make Ziggler and Swagger continue their feud, with hopefully Jack turning face while Dolph goes over and is built as a main eventer.
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