Will EC3 Be Used With Dixie?

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  1. Ethan Carter The Third or EC3, Will he have any impact on the Carter thing going on? Of course it wont happen until after BFG but Styles talked about Dixie's rich dad and how he bought her TNA so is Ethan maybe the brother of Dixie or something?

    As seen in the promo videos Ethan has fancy cars and nice clothes, He has a cocky attitude etc. Could this mean a pampered life style? If so according to AJ the Carter family are pretty wealthy, Does this mean Ethan is a relative of Dixie?

  2. I figured that it could be a possibility when I saw the name.
  3. Why do I have a feeling, he might be the man who screws over A.J Styles in his path to become TNA World Champion? If he does that, major..major heat!
  4. Well his last name is Carter, so it is only logical he'll be involved in the Dixie storyline.

    Hopefully this guy has all the tools to deliver in the big push that TNA has set for him in the next few months.
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  5. The hype promo from Thursday night confirms he's Dixie's relative, nephew to be exact.

    He referenced to Dixie by saying "Auntie D".
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  6. I don't care if he screws Dixie, I just want more exciting matches! And a six sided ring! And some "old" guys like Joey Ryan, Matt Morgan, etc
  7. Derrick Bateman is the reason that I'll watch TNA again.
  8. I'm interested in how everything goes for him. I wonder if he will be right in the title scene vs AJ? It wouldnt work as i doubt AJ loses for a long, long while.
  9. Was sure of it when I heard his name. Seems like an interesting story line, hopefully TNA deliver with this.
  10. As long as it doesn't become another stable take over story, only with the stable being fronted by the Carter family. TNA needs to step away from the stable wars stories. It seems like they do one every year.
  11. Same last name. Debuting around AJ's big title match. Nah, he's goin' after Storm and Gunner.
  12. Wondering what's he going to do, since he's with Dixie he may get involved with the ME, AJ and stuff. I really hope this doesn't end with another heel stable though.
  13. Ethan Carter should feud Angle right away, Angle knows how to make people stars.
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